Thursday, November 03, 2011

Singapore Childhood toys & snacks -

Visited Biscuit King, at Casuarina Road sometime back. The moment you enter the shop, there's a nostalgic feeling, bringing you back to your childhood days...

Used to buy this when I was younger. Toy + Biscuit, doesn't it make a great combi?

Some of the old card games which we used to play especially during Primary school days, sometimes waiting for school bus, or during "recess time", or after exams... "SNAP!"

Not forgetting these country erasers, used to play this during change of period...or when there's a relief teacher around and would tell you the standard phrase , " Class, do your own things."

Many of my friends didn't play this before. But these were my toys when I was younger, compared to my peers who had mini computer games.

Damn hard to find this balloon blowing stuff nowadays. I wonder did the government ban it or something due to the "gum-alike" smell?

These were my breakfast or even lunch when I was younger... someone told me recently that it only cost 30cents in the past!

Biscuit King sells these sour stuff too...

And some childhood sweets which we can get many with 50cents, at provision shops when I was younger...

Variety of biscuits to choose from!

I remember eating the pineapple tarts infront of the tv when I was younger. Probably that contributes to my "overweight syndrome" in primary school days. Lol.

Nostalgic, those traditional biscuit tins!

I think my class girls used to offer me this bobdog sweet. I wonder if kids nowadays know the existence of Bobdogs?

And I used to think that by replacing these stick biscuits for meals will reduce weight. Lol.

Remember these "Magic Pops"? That "popping" sensation inside the mouth...

And my whistling sweet ... hmm, but packaging abit different though.

Visit Biscuit King now! Find your childhood memories there!

130 Casuarina Road
Singapore 579518

Operating Hours:
Mondays - Saturday: 11.00am to 12 Midnight
Sunday: 12pm to 12 Midnight
Closed on the first Monday of the month.

Telephone: 64545938

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