Sunday, December 25, 2011

Collecting Wishes with Sgcares! 5 more days to Marina Bay Singapore countdown 2012!

Counting down to 2012 @ Marina Bay Singapore, 5 more days! I'm so sorry that I've been lagging in my posts, was away for business trip. Will start my engine really fast this few days, stay tune as I bring you what to expect at countdown 2012 this year!

So William and myself was along the street at Orchard Road, together with volunteers from Sgcares, to collect wishes from the public...

Some volunteers from Sgcares!

The volunteers were mostly 18 and below... *sign* We are getting old... LOL.

Many of them started blowing using their own effort instead of using the air pump, according to them, it's easier and faster...

Volunteers from Raffles Girls' School...

Started writing down the first "wish" ! More of advertising for our blogs and the organizers...haha.

Hmm...what should I write?

Welcoming our foreign friends to pen down their wishes too!

Guess what did this young boy write down on the white sphere?

Scroll down further...

Surprised, but yet heartwarming to see a young boy able to think for others. He has a BIG heart which some other adults don't have!

Despite of the slight drizzle, the public was very supportive !

On the other hand, I was trying to contribute by pumping up another ball...

But again...I was reminded that blowing is easier, and faster. Opps, she took away my ball!

Confirm, double confirm. Written by a Singaporean.

Some parents join their kids in this meaningful activity.

Ah Neo HO SEH BOH, Cum sum 哈密瓜, (honeydew)
Our Korean friends were here!
But seriously, anyone can translate?

Going back to our gathering point to get more balls! The public was very supportive!

William took this great opportunity to approach the hot babes...

I ran up from far to take a group picture! Lol

Many friends from other countries had also written down their 2012 wishes during their short holidays here!

I had also my way of getting hot chicks. Ain't she cute?

The pink sisters join in the action too. Probably they felt more connected to me with the common pink tee. =)

Some were able to multi-task... one hand writing their wish, the other supporting the umbrella.

My girlfriend, Shoel, in blue, was there to help out as well. Thanks to her, I have good pictures in my blog!

You know, it ain't easy to get this Watson Poster Boy to act spastic with me.

Okay, this is kinda gay. But watson poster boy, William's smile still the best. Haha...

Our balls collection after 2.5 hours!

The volunteers had to deflate the white spheres for easy handling and transport later...

We helped out too, but William seem to be putting in more effort relative to me in this picture. Haha.

Final group picture with the volunteers from Sgcares! Kudos to the great effort guys!

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Pictures taken with Nikon COOLPIX S8200

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