Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012 - Behind the Scene of Video Dedications

Very glad to be working with Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) once again to cover Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012 celebration! Please watch here for more updates, as I bring you some activities that lead up to the big day! Apart from this, I will also be bringing you what to expect in this year celebration! URA and had put together a series of events for the 5 official bloggers to take part, and we will bring you lots of interesting post! You can also find latest news on Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012 here :

The 5 bloggers were invited to take part in the video dedications recording at esplanade. William and myself were group together (cause I was late due to work commitments). While waiting for William, I was sipping coffee at one of the f'n'b outlets at esplanade...

Time was already close to 7pm... look at the evening clouds!

The crew getting ready for the video shooting... you know, behind every successful video, there's always a group of hardworking crew which made everything possible. =)

Checking out the equipment, getting ready.

Apart from the bloggers' video dedications, the cheerleading group from City Harvest Church was there to join us as well.

Was speaking to one of their members, and found out that the youngest in this group was 16, and the oldest was 25. Many of them are equipped with a strong foundation. The youngest in the team has already been training for 7 years!


As an observer, seriously, not easy to be a cheer leader yea. It's not an individual effort, it requires everyone to work as a team to bring out the success.

Who's that odd one out in the picture?

He's none other than Don Richmond!

Don Richmond interviewing the team, getting to know more about them.

Despite of their busy school schedule, the group get together every Sunday afternoon to practice on their move.

Cheers to the CHC Cheerleading group!

Find these white spheres familiar? Yea, they are the wishing spheres !

The cheerleaders getting excited to pen down their wishes! Have you visited all the 23 wishing stations in Singapore yet? (Will be telling you more soon!) Check out the wishing stations at

Okay, it's our turn! William and myself here.

Okay...NG once... NG twice...

Manage to finish our video dedications within 3 NGs. Phew...ahahaa.

You can catch the video dedication film screening at Esplanade on 31st Dec 2011, Outdoor Theatre at the a/m timings!

In addition to that, Esplanade will like to invite you to celebrate this December with lots of performances! Check out the schedule here at the Esplanade concourse! (It's free! woohoo!)

Also, free programs and activities at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre!

Catch more details here: Esplanade - Celebrate December

Remember to watch here for more updates!

Pictures taken with Nikon COOLPIX 8200
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