Friday, December 30, 2011

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012 - Road Closure

Hey guys, if you are driving down to Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012, please take note that certain roads will be closed at stipulated timings. Source:
So please avoid driving into this areas, or you may want to consider parking your car within walkable distance.

Close up view. Please bear in mind not only the red zone, but the yelow, and purple zone are also closed.

Here's the list of roads closure with the timings. Most of the roads will be reopened from 1.30am onwards.  Source:

Hope this is useful to you yea!


Anonymous said...

The map is copyright to traffic police. Do you have permission to repost ?

You should give the link to their website instead if you don't have copyright permission

kevinskh said...


Thanks for your feedback.
I had cited the source below the picture.

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