Friday, December 09, 2011

MediaCorp 8 DAYS Shirtless Guy Search 2011

Was invited to 8 days Shirtless Guy search 2011 at Zirca by Huimin , thanks for the invitation yea.

Haha, I definitely don't have that kind of bod to go with. Any fitness gym/beauty salon want me to endorse? Haha, I can definitely be that kind before and...after? Not sure when will that "after" come. Hahaha.

Shoel with myself at the event...

Here's Huimin with her sexy red lipstick.

At the VIP area. We were so closed to the Deejay!

Event about to start soon...

The 20 hunks which put me to shame. Haha. Now you see it...

Now you dont...

And one by one they started to strip again..

Not easy, after going topless the hunks were on stage working out, flexing out their big guns and friend, Yongshen (right guy) on stage. Used to be NTU hall 14 hall king too. Haha.

Ready to kick that skinny bod off the stage, lol.

And some had boobs bigger than any typical girls out there. Lol.

Presenting to you the top 10 guys..

Each of them has a few minutes for their talent display... this guy sang...

This guy still find that his bod is the most attractive part...

I can't do that. Haha...salute. Lol

Mediacorp artiste were there to grace the event as well... Zheng Ge Ping, Fiona Xie (Still as hot), Joanne Peh and Michelle Chia here.

And...the Emcee was Irene Ang

The 2nd runner up... Lucas Tong walked away with $1000 dollars!

And the runner-up... Richmond walked away with $2000!

And the 8 days shirtless guy search winner goes to...Peter Toong! $3000!

The final group shot.

With Yongshen here!

Thanks to Shoel for the pictures!

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