Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Xmas with 八仙!Most creative way to wrap a Christmas Gift.

Had an early Xmas with the sec sch kakis 八仙 group, less 1仙 Suhui, who was sick on that day.
Clockwise: Myself, Mindy, Shuting, Daniel, Chin Ran, Sharmen and Ferry.
It also happened to be Ferry's farewell dinner, this foreign talent is returning to Indonesia for good. All the best to him!

Sharmen and myself also brought our Gfs to the dinner, welcome to the big family of 8!

Xmas Exchange :
Number 1 common gift : Tumbler from Starbucks/Coffee bean
Most expensive gift: Tumbler from Starbucks/Coffee bean
Sibei Boxim gift: Tumbler from Starbucks/Coffeebean

Check out the expressions there...

I received Ferry's gift, with surprise and disappointment, both at the same time.
This kind of expression, even every year Star Awards also cannot find.
Above is a very good example.
Thanks harh, creatively wrapped the gift in an Ipad box, placed inside a super big brown box, and was placed in a Giordano bag.

Engineer 就是 Engineer. Hats off. Haha.
Too bad, I'm already a 残废的 Engineer. Lol.

她也不是receive 这个。 No present for Shuting lah, her angel Suhui not here. Haha.
Both of us only take to "Bai Swee" nia.

Contented with our Xmas Gift!
It's the season of giving and sharing!

Ho Ho Ho!

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