Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Singha Full Moon Party 2011

Thanks to Singha Singapore, was invited to the Singha Full Moon Party 2011 together with some other Bosch colleagues! Party started at 9.30pm, and free flow of Singha beer from 10pm till 11pm...

Yes we were ready to PARTAY!

The thorn among the roses...hmm, or the roses among the thorns? Haha!

Look at the event, was crowded, but we managed to get ourselves some Singha Beer! wOOhoo!

With Shoel here, guess the camera flash was too bright!

With some of the German interns here, rocking and partying like the German way!

From left, Steven, Marcel, myself and Rene.

DJ was Sophia Lin, music was awesome! Check out the videographer who's so engrossed in capturing her moves. (top right)

DJ Sophia reaching out to the clubbers!

My marketing team, Joanne, Louise and myself

So multi racial harh.

Aga the blonde girl striking her pose...

Everyone's dancing at the dance floor! Enjoying and swaying to the rhythm of the music!

Coincidentally, wore the same style of outfit as Rafael, part of the organizing team.
Thanks dude!

Can't stop myself from drinking more Singha!

My poor girlfriend being squeezed between myself and Aga the blonde girl... Haha.

Nope, not drunk, prolly alittle "high"...

Rene: We want more Singha!

Aga and Steven posing with their Singha beer...

Cheers! I'm very sure this is the thorn among the roses. Hahaha.

It was my colleague Eileen's birthday as well... non-stop drinking, to mark the big day!

Bottoms up! But shucks, kena spotted! *Pretends* Lol

Some of the photos were taken by Shoel... thanks dear!
Was an awesome event, kudos to the organizing team and Singha Singapore!

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