Monday, December 17, 2012

Blast to the Past ! Dinner and Dance 2012 - This is how we go RETRO

Dinner and Dance 2012. This is how we look retro. The product marketing team!
Mr Spark Plug(Myself), Ms Battery (Eileen), Mr. Rotating Machine (Bor Yow), Ms Wiper (Joanne), Mr. Filter (Clement)

Camwhoring before the party =)

With more colleagues...

The sepia tone enhanced the retro elements.

With Steven and Bor Yow here. Btw, I spent about 40mins to comb and set my hair. Stubborn hair I have!

With my 'sister' , Shirley and Brazilian colleague Renato!

With Big Boss, (the one in cowboy hat) Mihai . His last DnD with us!

My 2 brothers in work.  Very supportive colleagues, Joe and Dan. Also known as the Batman and Robin!

More retro and happening guys!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Korea designed Men's Premium and Casual Blazer from Qoo10 Review - What to wear for a Wedding Dinner?

What do you normally wear to a wedding? I guess many of you would always fear to overdress for the event. For guys, the safest is to put on your Mon to Fri formal work attire. But there's also a trend nowadays to put on a blazer over that piece of singlet and off you go! In this series, will introduce you a shop which I found on Qoo10 which you can get a fashionable blazer at a reasonable price! Btw, I only paid $30.20 SGD for the blazer below!

This casual blazer fits me nicely, and the poker dots details at the sleeves enhance the fashion element!

Moving away from the dull and boring dressing to wedding dinner. Guys, it's time to get some new clothes for the festive season!
My secondary school friends, congratulations to Joreen, and her husband Yew Keong. 

So, here's telling you where you can get affordable and good blazer from Qoo10!
I have chose design 06, Navy color, L size. I'm currently standing at 1.75m, 72kg. 
Fitting for me. Delivery takes about 2 to 3 weeks. But am very pleased with the material, for just 
$30.20 SGD!



Hurry up to make your purchase now!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Cheap and Stylish Men's shirt from Korea in Qoo10

Some of you have been asking me where did I buy my casual shirts from. Recently, have been shopping online through Qoo10. Had earlier won an award in Singapore Blog Awards 2012, and had been using my incentives to purchase items over there. To be frank, Qoo10 has a range of cheap, stylish, and made-in-korea Men's apparels, which suits me pretty well. I will be posting some items which I have purchased recently! So, let's start off with the first post!

 So you have seen me in this blue and pink shirt when I was attending Marina Bay AmBAYssadors Photo Exhibition 1 month ago. Btw, thanks for the support! The exhibition has finally come to an end on the 3rd of December 2012. *90 Degree Bows*

I bought the shirt at only, $31.00 SGD! (Including Shipment cost) 
Suits me perfectly. Standing at 1.75m tall and 73kg, I bought the 'L' size. And deliver within 2 weeks!
Sleeve was alittle long only, but generally the material was good and cooling too. 

This shop, Manic People has many design and made in Korea shirts. Nice and stylish, cheap and good!
Most importantly, there has been quite a number of good reviews, you can follow the link here:


I have extracted the details on the shirt here, credits: Manic People

The shirt comes in 2 designs, one blue and the other grey. 

So, what are you waiting for? 
More updates on other good stuff from Korea in Qoo10 will be coming! Stay tune!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dim Sum Buffet at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

Was out with dear at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant on Deepavali Holiday eve for a Dim Sum Buffet. Was a deal from Groupon and we only need to pay $49.80 for 2 pax. Just that the towels, tea and peanuts were not inclusive in the deal, and had to pay about $9 extra for that. Well, the bad thing was that this was not indicated. Probably somewhere in the fineprints which we might have overlooked.

Variety was not bad! Our favourite Har Gao!
For those who aren't familiar with Har Gao, it's filled with prawns inside.

Chee Cheong Fun with Shrimp

The claypot rice was good too. Fred not, it's just for a person serving.

The prawn dippers.

This should be fried beancurd skin

Char Siew Baos! Roast Pork Buns!

Check out the fillings inside!

The pork ribs which was so-so only

Chicken's feet! Or better known as phoenix's claw

Another favourite! Siew Mai!

I think this should be pork with beancurd skin

Xiao Long Bao, pork dumplings.
Ain't that fantastic...

Salted Egg Custard Bun. This was freaking good! You must try this. =)

Overall the food is ok, and the variety was just right!
Will recommend to other friends.
It's seriously hard to find dim sum buffet in Singapore.
Unfortunately, this buffet is only applicable to the Groupon deal.

However, had checked the Ah Yat Abalone Website, and realized there's a 30% promo on Dim Sum ala-carte lunch time offer from Mon - Sat, and 15% on Sun and Public Holidays!

101 Victoria Street, #01-06 Hotel Grand Pacific S(188018)
6332 2288 Fax: 6336 0207
Operating Hours (Everyday)
11.15am - 2.30pm (Lunch)
5.45pm - 10.30pm (Dinner)


Monday, November 19, 2012

(Men's BB Cream) LAB SERIES - BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 PA+++ Review

Thanks to Lab Series and Metro Singapore, was invited to Metro Singapore @ Paragon few weeks ago to experience an individual skin analysis.  Coincidentally, Darren was there as well!

Created in 1987, and led by a group of scientists and specialists, Lab series has more than 20 years of experience in developing high-tech and high performance, Men’s Skincare and grooming products. Understand from the consultants that, BB tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 PA+++ ,  which not only helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, but also aids in improving the skin appearance. Being in the marketing line,  where appearance is also an important factor in my career, I’ve decided to make a trip down to Metro Paragon to check it out!

The Lab Series representative was giving me some tips and thanks to Lab Series, I had a complimentary skin analysis using the mobile skin analyser. Btw, just came back from Vietnam business trip, and my skin was actually peeling due to sunburnt! 

More test to go… if I’m not wrong, he was testing on my skin firmness. Haha.   

He was explaining to me my skin conditions, hmm… not too bad! Oily skin conditions, which I knew it since young. Haha. 

In addition to the skin care analysis, he also introduced LabSeries BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 PA+++ to me. Being a typical Singaporean guy, many times, we are just simply too busy to take care of our skin.  And I often thought that BB cream was actually for the ladies to cover their flaws.  Did a small research and realize that ‘BB’ actually means ‘Blemish Balm’, which was first introduced in Korea and slowly spread to Japan, China and other Asian countries! It is normally used to reduce blemishes, wrinkles and cover imperfections. Now, Lab Series have created BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 PA+++ with the 10-in-1 formula with benefits. A high-tech, high-performance product that is simplied, convenient and easy to use for men.

I’m often very skeptical about skincare products, and always request for samples before starting to use them. Mainly because my skin is rather sensitive and is always prone to outbreak since young. The Lab Series representative gave me a very detailed analysis and explained to me my skin is indeed quite sensitive, and ironically, it’s oily yet at the same time needs to be hydrated also. Probably due to the fact that I seldom drink enough water and travel under the hot sun due to my career and busy schedule. The BB tinted moisturizer SPF 35PA+++ will work well for me because it promotes shine control, hydration, and most importantly SPF protection!  Am curious and keen to try out the product, it seems to suit me, especially when I have no time in the morning, this product seems to covers all elements and most importantly, easy to use, and saves time!

The next question I asked him was that how can the BB cream suits my skin tone? I wasn’t very convinced at first because the BB cream seems to be so much lighter than my dark skin tone. But he later told me that I don’t have to worry, as the BB cream suits all skin types, it’s just one shade and will adjusts to all tone. I was later convinced when he applied the BB Tinted Moisturiser SPF35 PA+++ 5ml sample on my palm, and really saw how the cream later blends with my skin tone. He also mentioned that unlike those BB cream in the market, which has different tone, Labseries BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35PA+++ has only one tone, because they know that typical men finds it a hassle to find a suitable tone for their face. I think my last experience with another brand was that it actually makes my face tone look so much different from the rest of my body!

Thanks to Lab Series, I was given the opportunity to give a try on the new product. In addition to that, I was also given a 1 week supply of trial kit of my skin type, ranging from cleanser to toner,  a full set to protect my skin! 

After testing the product for 7 days, I’m more convinced to use the product regularly.  It has a 10 in 1 formula with benefits which helps to improve and protect the skin, and also in the long run, aids in the reduction of redness, pores and wrinkles, thus resulting in a tighter looking skin.  

The 10 benefits are summarized as follows:
                                   1. Immediate Coverage to the flaws 
 2. Hydration 
                    3. Brightening/Even Tone 
      4.  Shine Control 
     5.  Anti-Wrinkle 
        6.  Firming/Toning 
       7.Pore Reduction 
             8.  Redness Reduction 
    9.  Barrier Repair 
      10.   SPF 35 PA +++

 Now, take a look at the before. Acne scars on my neck, uneven tone on my face.

After applying BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF35PA+++ .
It improves my overall skintone, looks brighter, more radiant also. It also blends well with my skin tone yea. Most importantly, it significantly covers up the acne scars on my neck as well.  Especially like the effect of how fast my skin takes to absorb the product, and didn’t leave behind any oily texture.

For best effect, you should actually use LabSeries Oil Control products in this 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Lab Series Oil Control Facial Wash (Cleanser)
Step 2: Lab Series Oil Control Solution (Works like toner)
Step 3: BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35PA+++

Alternatively, you can just apply to clean face every morning.
For me , it last till evening time , keeping your face still fresh and clean. 

Where to buy and how much?
Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35+++  is now selling at a retail price of $72.00 SGD and can be purchased at the following Metro Singapore Lab Series Counter:
Metro Paragon 290 Orchard Rd #02-28 Paragon Singapore 238859 Tel: (+65) 6835 3322 Opening Hours 10.00am - 9:30pm (Mon to Sun)
A comparison of Day 1 vs Day 7, after using full set of Lab Series Products. 
Do get down to Metro Singapore Department Stores to get the BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 PA+++ now! Good news, with purchase of LabSeries BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 PA+++ 50ml at Metro Paragon, customers can receive a travel kit worth $40! Grab one now!

Good news!
For customers who visit Lab Series Counter at Metro Paragon, you get to enjoy the following complimentary services:
·        Skin analysis using the mobile skin analyzer
·        BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF35 PA+++ 5ml
·        week supply of trial kit of your skin type (while stocks last)

And when you purchase a Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 PA+++ 50ml
at Metrol Paragon, you will also receive a travel kit worth $40!

More Giveaways!
Lab Series will also be giving away one more complimentary item to double-image blog readers! Simple present this blog post page to Metro Paragon counter, and say
‘ Kevin Trial’ , you get to receive ‘Power Brightening Serum DR4 5ml’ for free!

This is exclusively to the blog readers!

Last but not least, Lab Series is now available at Metro Facebook Store!
Lab Series products are now conveniently made available for your purchase! So for those who are too busy and are always in the rush, you have an alternative source to purchase Lab Series products.

What are you waiting for?
You are just one step away to a better complexion!