Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3 Ways to melt a girl on Valentine's . =)

Valentine's day at Tawandang Suntec... =)

A series of "surprises" to prove to her that " I'm romantic" ...

Surprise 1: Send flowers to her office.
Yes, this is a MUST do. Send flowers to her workplace to surprise her. No, not advisable to give on the spot. =)

Surprise 2: Sing a LOVE song, just for her.
Find a dinner place with live band, pre-arrange with the crew/restaurant manager, practice like crazy...and go! But remember, make sure your girlfriend sits close to the stage, which we did. =)

Try to stay cool even though you are damn nervous. ( I was)
Bonus at Tawandang, they put up our picture on the big screen which enhanced the overall effect!

Dear and myself... =)

Felt much better after the performance, haha!

Final surprise: A photo collage  or any D.I.Y items which can only be one and only in the world. =) 
Brings back memories!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! (Belated)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

龙年 Happy Days =)

Sweeping the dust on my blog, I'm back! Been quite busy, yea, apologized for the late entries! Gonna kick off with CNY entries, which was longggggg overdue!

1st day of CNY... Mum's birthday. 
2nd day of CNY, relatives from Father's side...

  3rd day of CNY... relatives from Mum's side. My oldest cousin is already 68! And 大姨丈is already 89!

Fifth day of CNY, returned back to office. We went over to colleague's place (Sandra) to celebrate CNY, Lou Hei, Gamble, that's what I like about Bosch. One big family. =)

  6th day of CNY, celebrated CNY with my Citibank friends... Alvin, Xiuli and Gina. (Missing Serling)
Was at Gina's place together with her friends and family.

7th day of CNY, also known as "Human Day" . 人日. Chong's clinic gathering!Good catch up with ex colleagues and friends!

Not forgetting meeting up with my sec school friends, "八仙" clique! Thanks for the kind "donations" , HAHAha! Bud Luck!

There were more gathering pictures on my facebook ...  for now, start the engine and may everyone HUAT arh!