Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3 Ways to melt a girl on Valentine's . =)

Valentine's day at Tawandang Suntec... =)

A series of "surprises" to prove to her that " I'm romantic" ...

Surprise 1: Send flowers to her office.
Yes, this is a MUST do. Send flowers to her workplace to surprise her. No, not advisable to give on the spot. =)

Surprise 2: Sing a LOVE song, just for her.
Find a dinner place with live band, pre-arrange with the crew/restaurant manager, practice like crazy...and go! But remember, make sure your girlfriend sits close to the stage, which we did. =)

Try to stay cool even though you are damn nervous. ( I was)
Bonus at Tawandang, they put up our picture on the big screen which enhanced the overall effect!

Dear and myself... =)

Felt much better after the performance, haha!

Final surprise: A photo collage  or any D.I.Y items which can only be one and only in the world. =) 
Brings back memories!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! (Belated)

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konde said...

Congratz and Happy valentine with your soulmate....

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