Friday, April 20, 2012

Superheros Party ! Let's unleash the power!

Celebrated my colleague, Gubbi's 30th birthday last Saturday!

Captain America has a double chin. Looks like he hasn't been flying much these days. Too much of fast food in America must be.

Probably this is the first time Super Mario stepped out of the computer games.
Since when we have a monk in the Super Hero?

And probably we just found out that Super Mario is afraid of the bats.

You probably need to give me some credits on my drama talents. Lol
Seriously, the birthday boy , errm, I mean MAN, is very heavy... I'm a bat afterall.

Welcome to the dark side of the world. =)

No wonder the Chinese can't win many titles in the Oscar Awards.

Captain America, this ain't a beauty pageant. -_-||

I'm just a Bat. Can anyone call the SPCA? Am I classified under SPCA btw?

New generation heros. Punk and rocker. =)

Hands Up! Or else I will tweet!

Some decos around the flat

Gubbi's birthday present.. Happy 30th Birthday, once again! =)

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