Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wonderful colleagues

Last weekend was at Louise's place, having a Korean BBQ with the team.
Seen here with ex-intern Zhang Ren.

My mentor and good tag team, Joanne

With 2 Philippines interns, David & Sharmaine,Joanne, myself and Louise.

I'm blessed with good working colleagues.

Coming to 1 year in Bosch already, tiring, but satisfied.
If one day I were to leave my company, I will definitely miss the people over there.

I don't really explain to my friends about my jobscope, because there's no need to boast about.
Working late and OT has become a norm, but to many, they perceived differently.
Even my mum and gf complains about my long working hours.
I'm tired too, but it's the passion in every project that keeps me going. 
Sometimes I see my peers boasting about their work, or complained negatively, I smiled to myself and just want to tell them, grow up. 

'How's job?' , typical question in every gathering.
I smiled,  'Yup, it's fine, thanks.'
I find it pointless to elaborate further, because they can't help anyway.
I'm not earning big bucks, but I'm contented with every simple things in life.
A stable job, a forgiving mum, a thoughtful girlfriend, and wonderful colleagues.

That's enough.

Happiness lies in contentment. =)

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