Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happycall from Qoo10 arrived in 1 week!

Apologized for the delay in the post, work piling up these days and getting busier! Alright, so Happycall pressure pan actually reached me in 1 week time! Pretty fast delivery!

Was rather excited, afterall I spent so much on my first purchase. ($62.90!) I'm very glad that both Qoo10 and Happycall didn't disappoint me yea. ;)

And as promised, the seller gave me many complimentary items. Haha, infact, my mum was overjoyed. Typical auntie, you can't blame her!

And for those who may not know, the seller will not get their returns if the buyer did not confirm the delivery status on Qoo10. Well, since the items was delivered, I went ahead to give some comments, which will also help others to make the decision on the seller.

Just got to follow some simple steps, and you can complete the feedback form in less than 1 minute.

Qoo10 was even thoughtful enough to further confirm with the buyer on the feedback given.

And every feedback given will benefit you! Was given a bonus coupon for my next purchase ;)

And another point which I have forgotten to mention in my previous Qoo10 sponsored blogpost, remember to confirm your email upon registration. Not only does it help to facilitate the ordering process, but again, another smart way to earn coupons and save online!

Online shopping seriously gives people like me an wiser choice to purchase items! Especially when we don't have time to shop, Qoo10 provides an alternative platform for me to purchase items at late night hours. Even my blogposts are usually done in late nights (or early morning) ! Not forgetting to mention that Qoo10 also allow me to make smart purchases and save online. I have purchased my 2nd item, please catch my next blogpost, coming up soon!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time flies. Happy birthday, Shuting. =)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunset Shot with Nokia Pureview 808

Tried my first shot with Nokia Pureview 808. Still very amazed with the high definition, clear shots from the 41 Megapixels camera. I can't resist my temptation to upload this sunset picture. Awesome.
More reviews coming soon. ;)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Qoo10 Experience - I finally bought a Happy Call ... online!

Do you know that Gmarket has changed it's brand name to Qoo10 from 2nd May 2012? Other than the brand name, everything remains the same! Your favourite sellers are still there. Don't worry!

And so... I'm given 100 credits to spend for this one month , to work on 3 post. Just when I was scratching my head whether I should use these credits on my business attire, I've decided to do something daring and different.  =)

So was searching through Qoo10 main page...

Happy Call catches my eye! Happycall is actually one of the all time best sellers!

And it's also the best sellers under the 'Home' Category, there's few sellers selling it!

Can you believe it's only $62.90?! I've decided to get one for my mum, and of course myself, ;)
Actually, I do enjoy cooking, but that's provided when I have time. I rarely enter the kitchen nowadays due to my hectic schedules. *Shakes Head*

 You know what?! This seller even offer 6 gifts for happy call! Being typical Singaporean, I can't resist the temptation...

And within a simple click...

 In just 2 steps... (of course I read through the user reviews and comments)

I placed my order! Haha... and I'm left with only $37.10.
But with such cheap thrills on Qoo10, I believe I can easily find  items within my budget. Just need to keep up-to-date with it's events like Kiasu-Sunday, Today's deals, Weekend Specials... it's like having everyday SALES on Qoo10! Seriously, who cares about the annual Great Singapore Sale when you have EVERYDAY sales on Qoo10! It's convenient!

Okay, my readers, trust me, once my Happy Call comes, I will do up a blogpost and I promise to whip up several good dishes. So... stay tuned to my blogposts! Chef Kevin is getting his hands ready! *ErHem*