Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bangkok Trip - 14th to 16th July. Pictures taken by Nokia Pureview 808

Was on business trip recently in Thailand! This time round, many thanks to Nokia Singapore, I was able to lighten my luggage load by bringing along a much smaller gadget along to capture the essence of Bangkok, Thailand back. Pictures were taken by Nokia Pureview 808 in this entry, unless otherwise stated. Look at the Thailand clouds above, doesn't it look amazing?

Another cloud picture. =)
Look at the high definition which Nokia Pureview 808 has captured here. All thanks to its 41MP sensor, Carl Zeiss lens, PureView imaging technology. Not only a camera, but Nokia Pureview 808 also exist as a mobile phone working on a Symbian operating system.

First night dinner! We were simply too hungry!

Every grains were so clear!

Tom Yum Soup, really spicy. We had our meals at the new shopping mall in Bangkok, Terminal 21.
Check it out if you have not, this new shopping mall has many branded shops ranging from G2000, Nike, Adidas, Nike, just to name afew. Though it's a higher end compared to MBK shopping mall, but there were special discounts and sales given which attract many. By the way, Terminal 21 was also conveniently located just beside our hotel,Grande Centre Point. In addition, it's also just beside Asok MTR station! Massage parlours, like health land, are just around the corner too.

Saw this TaoKaeNoi Land shop in Terminal 21. For those who may not know, TaoKaeNoi is also very famous in Singapore (Quoted by my girlfriend) for their seaweeds. =)

After dinner, my Thai colleague brought us to a bar at Pullman hotel for some chill out sessions.

Seen here with Singapore colleague Shirley, and Thai colleague, Nui.
Super clear pictures even taken at night spot areas! I guess probably only digital cameras can reach this stage. Haven't able to see any other phone which is able to capture such clear night shots. But of course, I made use of the flash.

  My Singapore colleague Eileen and Joanne.

I tested a night shot without flash... not as bad as I thought though. Similar to the HTC Sensation XE phone which I'm using now.

Nice macaroons served at the bar.

The pretty ladies.

The thorn among the roses. Haha, please ignore my red face. Just too shy to take pictures with the pretty ladies. Lol.

Group photo taken by Eileen's phone, Samsung Galaxy Note. ;)
 Another 2 colleagues, Andrew (left) and Kenneth (Right) joined later.

 The night was still young. Carried on round 2 in Andrew's room.
But all have to wake up early at 8.30am next morning for teambuilding workshop activity.
The picture above this caption : Top, taken by Nokia Pureview 808. Bottom, taken by Samsung Galaxy Note.

2nd day, woking up early in the morning for meeting.
With my tag team partner, Joanne.
Eyes half open though.

Another picture taken with the dowagers of the company, Gloria (left) and Maureen(right) who have both worked for 40 years! Not only mentors, but they are also the jem of the company. Often giving us useful reminders, and taking care the welfare of the working team!

After meeting, lunch at hotel. Look at this picture, doesn't it look like some new condo release adverts?

Andrew and Shirley enjoying their lunch.

Look at the buffet spread! And of course my models Joanne and Eileen. Haha.

After our day shopping trip in bangkok, we moved on to Bangkok Tawandang for the finale dinner.

Very nice stage set-up

And nice ambiance & interior deco too.

Pig trotter, drools! Tawandang signature dish!

Boss cutting the pig trotter to serve all. Wah... touched anot my dear colleagues? Lol

Chinese kuay tiao alike. This is GOOD.

In Bangkok, everywhere you go, every meal you can't run away from Tom Yum Soup!

By the way, this is not noodles. It's shredded vegetables. This Nokia Pureview 808 seriously captures high definition of the shredded veg!

Cheers! Group photo taken by Samsung Galaxy Note.

And last day, before I left the hotel, went around to take some pictures. Can you see the clarity in the picture taken by Nokia Pureview 808?

Another. The clouds add wonders to the picture.

Very relaxing feel at the hotel.

So, this ends my stay in Bangkok, Thailand.
Please stay tune for more blogpost taken by Nokia Pureview 808!
High definition pictures, only made possible with Nokia Pureview 808 phone.

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