Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gardens By The Bay - Special Coverage on Cloud Forest Conservatory

After finishing the tour at Flower Dome conservatory,  we continued our tour to Cloud Forest conservatory and were also accompanied by Gardens By The Bay, Marketing Communications Manager, Ms Ferne Yap.

At the entrance of the Cloud Forest conservatory, you will expect a 35m tall mountain completed with a 30m indoor waterfall. Definitely, this cool-moist conservatory give a different experience as compared to the flower dome!

You can actually take the lift up to the 6th floor to the 'Lost World' ... and there were some 'carnivorous plants' which we actually found up there...

These are also known as Pitcher plants. These plants has a deep cavity filled with liquid known as a pitfall trap. Insects are attracted to this fluid and are then trapped in it.

This is the Venus Flytrap!  Fret not, it only captures and digests insects or spiders. These carnivorous plants seriously added some impact to the theme 'The Lost World' !

You can then walk down 2 walkways from 'The Lost World'  to experience the biodiversity and geology of the Cloud Forest. At certain periods of the day, you will experience the misty effect in the conservatory which adds on the mysterious effect of the cloud forest. Check out the sides of the mountain as they are planted with a dense mixture of moisture-loving plants, including fascinating orchids, delicate ferns, colourful bromeliads, gesneriads and also the carnivourous pitcher plants. Most of the plants grown here are epiphytes, as they can live on top of other plants and not on the soil, and are suited for growing on vertical walls.
 Towards the end of the trail, get to know more about Mother Earth at this area call the "Earth Check" .
Understand the past, current and future climate of Earth... and also know about how the climate is changing due to Global Warming etc.

Remember to visit the Black Box and study the interactive model on self-sustainability at Gardens by the Bay! Here you can learn about the many ecological functions of the Supertrees, such as capturing light and serving as exhausts, while supporting a green living skin. Discover more about the energy use to cool the air in both conservatories, and how it comes from a biomass furnace that burns plant matter obtained from Singapore’s parks and gardens!

At the +5 Degree zone, sit down to enjoy a short video on climate change within the 21st century.  Many parents were seen here with their children, and their eyes were fixed on the movie. It's an educational video clip which teaches our future generation to protect the Earth, otherwise we may face serious consequences in the near future.

Finally, as you leave Earth Check zone, you will enter the 'Secret Garden' area before exiting the Cloud Forest.

Found this plant which look like a big spider. I then realized later it was a type of orchid at the Singapore Garden Festival 2012 exhibition.

In short, the trip at cloud forest conservatory was indeed more of an educational walk, and we really brought home some useful tips on our climate and environment. For the parents, this is the conservatory that you shouldn't miss, bring your children here, build up the kinship and also educate them along the way!

Will definitely visit here again, am curious about the night scene here. Heard from Ferne that it's a different experience at night. Will be back with more pictures!

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