Thursday, July 19, 2012

Qoo10 Special - All the items have arrived! Cheap Tshirt and Watches for Men!

Hi all, thank you for your support and really appreciate everyone who have voted for me at SBA2012.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the blog awards ceremony due to work commitments.
There's a Bosch event on Saturday ( Yes, weekend ) and I have to be there.
Guess I will have to give it a miss this time round.
But I sincerely hope that my blogger friends, will be able to walk up the stage to receive the awards.
Looking forward to see more pictures and reports on facebook and newspaper soon. =)
Nevertheless, I will continue to finish my last post for Qoo10 Special Category.

So all my items arrived, and I have also written all the reviews, not only did I get to earn many coupons and tokens through the feedbacks, but it's also a way to recommend to others who are clueless if the seller is a reliable one.

My tshirt is here too!


For more designs and also more information on the Tshirt > Click Here
I'm 1.75m, 70kg, wearing size L. Cutting is quite small, so please order larger size. 
Price ( including shipping) : $13.12 

For the Nato watches, please click Here.
TYPE:MD.001 / Color:12. MD.001 Bands and watch Solid arrangement
Price:  $17.40

There were further discounts for both items as I have made use of the coupons on Qoo10. ;)

Log on to Qoo10 Singapore for more amazing deals now!

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ALyMI said...

Hey bro, i would like to ask u a question...How long did u wait for ur items to arrived coz i ordered a hat and it have not arrived yet and it has been a week...and i ordered it from

kevinskh said...

Hey Alymi,

I waited for 2 weeks...
Should be arriving soon!

Hope your items come soon!