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The Singapore Garden Festival : 7 - 15 July 2012


Last weekend, visited Singapore Gardens Festival 2012 at Suntec Singapore, Levels 4 & 6.
After successful runs in 2006, 2008 and 2010, the Singapore Garden Festival 2012 is back again.  According to the organizing committee, the Singapore Garden Festival is the first garden show in the world to gather international and local award-winning garden and flora designers to showcase their creations under one roof.

The festival has taken close to 18 months to organize and involves a community of over 500 volunteers! Over 200,000 plants from Singapore and around the world have been brought into Suntec Singapore Convention Centre to create the dazzling garden and floral masterpieces!

The Incredible Lightness of Being : Per Benjamin (Sweden)

Many were seen snapping pictures at this display. Indeed, the colorful balloons did capture the attention of many. The flowers here represented life, fragile, yet strong. "We are always dependent on the mysterious string of life." And here, the string represents faith, hope and belief.

Botanical Mysticism : Max van de Sluis (Netherlands)
The red matching flowers here created an impact on the dull, green plants. Guess without the flowers decorations, the much empty spaces amplifies the effect of a mysterious world. Big and empty spaces often portray a 'clueless' feeling to many.


Global Warming: Pirjo Koppi (Finland)
The designer's aim of bringing out the impact of Global Warming is clearly shown here. Saw the fusion of white and brown colors on the ground? It depicts the seriousness of Global Warming in the tropics, with a major change in the climate resulting in snow in this area.

Let's take care of our Mother Earth!


Emblem of Resilience, Irene Hee (Floriculture Association Singapore)
The designer uses black background to depict that Mother Earth is sick and the air, land and seas are ravaged. The charcoal used to nurture the growth of the orchids also symbolizes the forests are laid bare and soil desecrated.

"In cosmic chaos, the earth ruptures, mountains spew fire and oceans surge in tsunamis."

Notice the unique floral arrangement on the structure. Many small orchids used to fill up the big orchid ire structure.


 My own interpretation of this display... guess the orchids hanging down and growing from the test-tubes depicts the new growth of plants, which portray strongly what the designer wanted to show here, "Mother Earth recovers...With hands, hearts and minds, we begin to heal Mother Earth."

Beyond White, Zita Elze (Brazil)
This display re-creates a fairytale wedding set in an enchanted garden.
In addition to the beautiful wedding table in shades of white, the driftwood and trees add an extra layer of ethereal tranquility to the tableau.

Take a closer look at the wedding gown. Something different from the norm. Hmm, but personal thoughts, these perishable plants may not be a good idea for those who want to keep their wedding gown for 50 years down the road yea.

Fountain of Life , Anson Low (Singapore)
Claps! Singaporean designer! ;)

The wire structures depicts the fountain and the buoyant flowers represent a new-found freedom to rise above the mundane amid the vitality of water.

Upturned Splendour : Eliam Eng, Singapore.
Best in Fantasy Gardens category & Gold Award for Turnkey Project (Open) - LIAS Awards of Excellence 2011

This display showcases light, music and water fountain to create the harmony with Nature. Taking a closer look, the trees standing tall in this display are actually uprooted trees. This portrays beauty in the unlikeliest situations, and also reconstructs beauty that trees and our land possess as the essential sources of life that we have taken for granted. The show presentation takes play between short intervals, so do stay around to catch the show! With the lightings and music, it creates wonder and definitely thumbs up to many!

Other displays which you can also found in level 6.


We then move on to level 4 for more exhibitions.

At level 4, you get to catch Singapore Orchid Show 2012, also one of the key highlights at Singapore Garden Festival. It bears an 'Orchid Wonderland' theme inspired by amusement parks to showcase the colourful and vibrant diversity, beauty and popularity of orchids in the world!

In addition, you will also get to see miniature orchid display and also individual plant competition submitted by hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals for judging and competition.

There are also landscape display competition, from Singapore, China, Ecuador, HongKong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand! For Singapore participants, this includes four schools - Naval Base Secondary, Greenview Secondary, Teck Whye Secondary and Pioneer Junior College.

If your are interested to get some orchids back home, you can also purchase during the event. Some 90 exhibitors from Australia, Ecuador, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and more are selling their wares at the 125 booths at the MarketPlace!

So what are you waiting for?
Catch the Singapore Garden Festival from now till 15th July at Suntec City level 4 & 6!
Here's the ticketing information:

Photography enthusiasts do take note!
Participate in the Singapore Garden Festival 'Colours' Photography Compeition and Win Great Prizes including Sony NEX-F3!

We have taken part! Have you? Will appreciate if you can vote for us here! Thank you!


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