Wednesday, August 15, 2012


A good colleague of mine, Chinwei,(standing on my left side) is leaving on 15th August...
Losing lunch kaki! Wishing him all the best in his future endeavors!
Boys, being boys... (or Men).
While the ladies infront were all ready for the group photo, we were still joking around! Haha.
Someone commented to stand at an angle to cover the tummies.
Looks like James(on my right) is obviously not convinced! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

WELLA Shockwaves Style Revolution , before and after

 How would you feel if your hairstylist give you a hairstyle which do not suit you? Bad hair day? Yes, that was the question the photographer gave me to pose for the above photo. 

Together with some Singaporean bloggers, we took part in the WELLA Shockwaves Style Revolution campaign.

Style your hair with these products to make a dramatic difference to your normal look. Whether if you're going out for a party or some serious business, wow your friends and family with a different look. 

WELLA is currently having the above mentioned campaign. All you have to do is to share a photo of your before and after, and share it here : WELLA Shockwaves Style Revolution 
Stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to London worth $3000! 

Here's how you can do it:

Rally your friends to vote, comment & share your entry to gain more points and they may win themselves a $150 product hamper too!Winners will be announced on Watsons Singapore Facebook timeline and contacted via email.
Scoring system:
Vote: 5 points
Comment: 2 points
Share: 10 points
You can only vote, comment and share once per day from 
20th August 2012. Good luck!

Grand Prize
A pair of air tickets to London worth $3,000
Judging criteria
  • 50% based on accumulated points
  • 50% based on panel of judges from Watsons Singapore & P&G
Weekly Prize
Product hampers worth $150 each
Judging criteria
  • 50% based on accumulated points
  • 50% based on panel of judges from
    Watsons Singapore & P&G
For voters only
Random Weekly Draw
Product hampers worth $150 each
Need some inspirations? Wella had recently done a make-over for me...check it out below: 

The hairstylist at the salon was commenting that my hair was too short to make any 'drastic' difference. But thankfully with the help of Wella Shockwaves, it seriously hold my hair firmly and strongly, so much so that even when the wind blows, every strands of the hair sticks and stay firmly. Not convinced? Scroll down more then.

Check out that 1970s geeky hairstyle. RETRO? Or ORH BIANG?

 Someone commented on facebook that this picture of mine, certain angle resemble some hongkong singer, 方大同. 

This is 方大同. Who's trademark is his black frame specs.

Thank you my friends, but I think I look more like 方大'桶'! (Pail)

Another retro look. 

Can go sell spectacle anot? 

Natural shot. Can't remember what was the photographer asking me though. 

Okay, I'm having goosebumps of being narcissistic. 

Some behind the scenes shot...

Was very glad to work with the photographer from France, Babra. (I hope I didn't get her name wrong)

Working with her was very relaxing!Yea, as relaxing as the above picture. Almost fell down. Hahaha!

When I said comfortable and relaxing, I really meant it.  Phew, finally back to ownself. =) 
Removing the plastic smile... 

Seen here with Babra(left) and Karen (middle), who's also a blogger and the main leader driving this project.  

Sorry man, that's the privilege of being the last to finish the shoot. By then, was already close to 10pm!

Thanks for posing for the pictures ladies!  

So, what are you waiting for! Start uploading and share your before and after pictures at Wella Shockwaves Style Revolution

Here's the before and after pic of mine. Btw, I thought I look 20 years older here. Lol. Can go bluff Lao Char Bohs liao for matchmaking. 

Credits: Fadilah(for taking the pictures) and Essensuals Hairdressing Orchard

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Celebrate Singapore 47th Birthday with YOUNG NTUC

Thanks to Marina Bay Singapore and Young NTUC, I was invited to the NDP'12 celebration at Promontory Marina Bay on August 9. Could feel the Singapore heartbeat,  and I must say, I'm really proud to be a Singaporean! Seen here with Jerome and Juliana.

Have forgotten to charge my battery before I came out, luckily gf was there with me, and some of the pictures you see in this entry was actually taken by her too. We worked as a team, ;)

Different races, different nationalities, but all were dressed in red and/or white, to celebrate the Nation's birthday. One common identity, unites everyone.

Not forgetting the outstanding one...

Even our hardworking foreign workers were here to celebrate the occasion with us. However, this was an ticketed event.

The organizing committee was very thoughtful to even let the mobile toilets to come in red and white too!
And the 2 meimeis there blend well into the background, haha!

Thanks to the cheer leaders who were able to bring up the atmosphere.

Well, if you're hungry, the organizing committee had also prepared several booth around to serve you!

Despite the scorching sun, the Singaporean spirit continues... some brought their own umbrellas, picnic mats, field chairs, mineral waters etc, all are well equipped!

Not forgetting favourite past-time in the 21st century, update your status on facebook!

Many bring along their families...

and friends...

Very supportive audiences...

Kudos to the emcee for the event... this picture tells you all. Going all the way out!
Full of energy yea!

Not forgetting the energy from YOUNG NTUC p.L.a.Y members...

Apart from the performances, the crowd was also very entertained by the aerial flypast for the NDP Parade... 

And the red lions as well!

As the night falls, the crowd was totally engrossed in the NDP 2012 'live' telecast shown on the big screen at the promontory...

Towards the end of the performance, the organizing committee led the crowd to light up their candles, it was a very heartwarming moment when you see everyone, different races and nationalities, strangers, but took the initiative to help one another and spread the flame across the entire promontory field. 

One of the participants carefully pass the flame to her neighbouring friends.

Brother in arms. Lol, it's not about the candles here. But check out the paintings on their faces. 

Success! Light up the entire Marina Bay!

Feel the Singapore heartbeat, united as one. 

This is our home, where we build our family, and future. 

The light up ceremony was accompanied by the fireworks from NDP 2012, which transformed the entire National Day celebrations at Marina Bay a small lighting festival!

Was really amazing yea? How often do we see such spectacular fireworks display in Singapore?!

The fun-loving cheer leaders...

As the clock strikes 8pm, the whole Singapore recites the national pledge in unison. 

And finally, the event comes to an end with our National Anthem, Mahjulah Singapura. 

Catch some highlights of the event here! 
Feel the heartwarming moment! 
Video was captured entirely by Nokia Pureview 808.

Once again, Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!
This is Home, truly. ;)