Monday, August 06, 2012

Cook for family!

The month of August, let's celebrate National Day by cooking for your family!
The #CookForFamily is a bloggers-for-bloggers initiative,lead by Daniel Ang.
Rushed home to cook for my mum, as usual, 'tapai' last minute, I'm only 2.5hours away from the dateline while typing this entry. 

Decided to whip up my dish in some local variety show few years back... Omelette Noodles a.k.a 蛋包面. Here's a video recapped. 

2 x Eggs
1 x Maggie Mee
1 Portion of Chicken meat 
1 Portion of Pork meat
1 Portion of Fish fillet

Meat was marinated with pepper and soya sauce. 

Firstly, boil one pot of water. When it starts boiling, throw in the maggie mee. 

Make sure it's not over boiled to maintain the noodles "Q-ness". 
It should take less than 5 minutes. 

Next, start beating the eggs! Put some soya sauce and pepper for seasoning.

Here you go!

顺便 advertise for Take5ive drink. Hahaha. Will see the updates about this new energy drink in my next blog post. Lol.

Eggs done, next, hit up the frying pan. Small fire can liao k. 

Pour in some oil with, or without garlics. 
This garlic oil was prepared by my Mum beforehand. 

Ready to fry the egg!

Am using the Happy Call bought from Qoo10  to fry the egg. Makes my life easier when doing the flip! 

Done! Just a sidenote, you can also use normal frying non stick pan to do this as well.
Check the video above!

While preparing for the next frying pan to fry my main ingredients, I seasoned the maggie noodles first. Okay, not very healthy here lah, but both Mum and myself like this. But, please use it sparingly. 
After that, put the noodles aside.

Fry the chicken and pork meat first. Fish fillet will fry later to prevent overheating, as chicken and pork meat tend to take a longer time to cook. 


Next, fish fillet!

Also done!

Lastly, throw everything into the frying pan again. (Noodles and meat) 

After frying, start taking half portion and put into the egg omelette. 
You can fry another omelette for the other half portion. 

Ready to serve! 
Omelette noodles, 蛋包面!

Haven't been into the kitchen ever since I started work. Appreciate this opportunity to cook again, though I was rushing back from work. Even though Mum said the taste was too strong, haha, but it gave us the opportunity to have more topics to talk about during dinner. 

Have you cooked for your family too?


Anonymous said...

100 marks for effort! :D

kevinskh said...

thank you Juliana!

Megan Nicole said...

This is genius! I have always been thinking of a way to combine chicken, meat, to my fish recipes but it turns out this is much better.