Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Top 3 reasons to consume Take5 Energy Drink - it works for me!

This picture was taken at work. Have been taking take5 energy drink for a while, and seriously, it work wonders for me.(I'm seriously not kidding) Recently been very busy, tired with work, new appointment, new role, transition phase ( will update soon) less than 6 hours of sleep, and I actually took take5 energy drink on my tired days, and thank god, because of take5, I was able to stay much focus at work. I would normally drink up to 3 cups of coffee per day, but on those days when I consume take5 energy drink, I probably just need 1 cup in the evening. (Yes, I'm so immune to coffee that I can still sleep even if I consume at 7pm)

But just one slight advise : I will say take one full shot in the early morning and it will probably last you till 7pm. Why? There was once I took it at 4pm in the afternoon, one full shot, I was so energetic even at 11pm, hitting cardio in the gym. Used to row 500m at a timing of 2min 22secs, and because of take5 energy drink, I actually rowed the same distance in less than 2min. (1m 59s). And after that, I couldn't sleep until about 3am. So, just one small note for those who wants to take the energy drink in the afternoon, just take half shot will do. You can keep it without refrigerated and consumed within 3 days.

Now, so why consume take5 energy drink? 
1. Definitely a healthier choice compare to the competitors in the market and coffee. 0 Calories ! Even coffee has 62 calories, probably Kopi-O is lesser. Haha, well, anyway, TOP REASON to choose Take 5 !

Reason 2: Not only does Take5 energy makes you more alert at work, but it also aids in improving the efficiency of the overall brain function! Well, coffee only makes me more alert, and probably sometimes heart pounds faster only. 

 Reason 3: It works like a supplement especially for the sports people. I dread going to the gym, just forcing myself to hit the gym to look good. But probably the reason why I could perform better, was that Take5 energy is able to increase the Testosterone level to up to 37%! I wonder if I look more manly and muscular in that sense. Haha. 

Anyway, actually met up with a group of bloggers recently. We took part in the 'Drums Alive' session at Physical Abuse . (I actually broke my drums stick ) Thanks to Take5 energy drink for organizing this!

Really enjoyed myself during the class. See myself fooling around with Smith behind... the girls were really good!

See, got some 'say' (style) right?  Lol

Take5 sponsored us the energy drinks during the class. Let's feel the difference!

 You know...when testosterone level increase... and... haha, no larh, just joking. PG16 harh. Here with Smith again. 

After the drink... more focused!

 The guys here, actually we also danced not bad larh... haha. 

The sexy instructors. I meant the ladies. ;)

 Btw, Take5 energy drink comes in 2 flavours here... and different functions.

In addition to improving your alertness, it also helps to increase your immunity too. 

 Retail price for a single shot is $3.60. You should be able to find it easily in 7-11 and Guardian.

The above pictures were taken from Take5 energy facebook. (unless otherwise stated) Information are provided by Take5 too. 
Unfortunately, lost my pictures on my memory card! Arghh! Btw, do check out their facebook for more information on the drinks!

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