Sunday, October 07, 2012

Candle Night 2012 at Marina Bay

Thanks to Marina Bay Singapore & Singapore Lighting Detectives, was invited to Candle Night 2012 at Marina Bay last weekend.

Candle night is an environmental and energy conservation event that encourages people to turn off the lights for few hours and spend slow and quiet time. The concept started in a well-known street of Tokyo‘s Omotesando district in 2005 and now has grown to be an international event.

In conjunction with Merlion's 40th birthday, the organizers had also encouraged the public to draw their own Merlion image on the candle holder.Many were creative, and these drawings represent not only their well wishes, but also the Merlion in their heart.

Singapore is probably the only country with a fictitious character, a lion and 'mermaid' combination to represent the country icon. But only recently, our country icon's presence is being overshadowed  by the 3 big sticks smack right at the center of Marina Bay.

This year’s Candle Night Event was again organized by Lighting Detective, and in collaboration with The Fullerton Heritage and 7 schools(which including: Studio Miu, LASALLE, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Dunman High School).

Candid expression. Lol.

Republic Polytechnic's masterpiece, home.

The team effort from Republic Poly...

Another masterpiece, from another institution.

Captured another creative artpiece, hanging on the tree.

Till now, Merlion still remain one of the favorite photo spots to many tourists.

So I tried to be a tourist for few minutes too.

This is probably my few shots with the Merlion, despite being a Singaporean.
My last shot with the Merlion was probably 15 years ago at Sentosa... the biggest, and tallest Merlion in Singapore.

While walking down the waterfront, took this shot. The 3 big sticks have powerful light beams which can send signals to the Aliens. And one day when the Aliens attack us, we will launch our secret party ship with swimming pool up the space. That's how powerful the 3 big sticks are, so strong that they hold the big party ship. I'm just joking, btw. =)
Happy belated Mid Autumn Festival yea!

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