Monday, October 08, 2012

Lavaedge - MacRitchie Reservoir

Re-explored MacRitchie Reservoir with Shoel. Both of us were feeling too stressed from work and need somewhere more relaxing, close to the nature, so decided to explore Lavaedge @ MacRitchie Reservoir.

Enjoyed the cool evening breeze, and the fresh air from the nature.

The road less travelled.

Music is the most powerful tool. Not only does it defines our emotions, but it's also a strong pillar to us when one experience loneliness.  

Ignore my expression... 

Lavaedge at MacRitchie opens from 5pm till 1am. There's outdoor and indoor dining space also, so fred not if it rains. Choose an outdoor seat to get close to the nature. Lavaedge also serves coffee and beer, and there's main course , small bites and desserts too.

  Had a very nice view from where we were sitting. =)

Ordered the Apple Crumble, this is a MUST TRY dessert. The vanilla ice cream, mixing with the warm and rich apple crumble crust below, is a perfect match. Goes along well with an ice coffee, or you may want to choose a hot coffee if the weather is cold. Only cost $8.90SGD.

Looking up from where I was sitting.

Was just for an afternoon tea, so didn't order any main course to go along with it. But we tried the Seafood Basket from the small bite menu. Wasn't as good as what we expected. Costing $16.90, with fries, prawn, squid and fillet. Even though there was really some variety in the basket, but was kind of too oily for our taste.

The girlfriend started entertaining herself with her Samsung phone again. Boo. Picture taken by Nokia Pureview 808. Haha.

Weekends, stay close to the nature, where our souls get recharged for the busy week ahead.

Lavaedge at MacRitchie
181 Lornie Road
Macritchie Reservoir Park
Singapore 297732
Phone :9298 2301


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