Thursday, October 18, 2012

Macau Trip! Restaurante Platao, Portuguese Egg Tarts, Casino!

Was in Macau in May this year, only started to post my entry now...was watching recent mediacorp drama, 微笑正义, some scenes in the drama featured places in Macau, inspired me to post my entry up!
Seen here with Shoel, and also Seeman, my JC classmate who's now staying in Hongkong. We had planned a holiday in Hongkong for 5 days 4 nights, and one of the destinations we visited was Macau.

First stop! Venetian Macau. =)

Was amazed with the architecture of the building, felt as though we were in the palace.

You don't have to travel to Venice, seriously. Already can experience it in Macau.

Mum, myself together with shoel.

Beginner's luck at the casino. Virgin win!
I was really lucky !

Next stop, we visited San Hou Lei 新好利 for the famous Macau Ju Pa Bao, also known as pork chop bun.
What's so special? Okay, according to my Hongkong friend, Seeman, this is one of the best and famous shop in Macau. Tender pork chop meat with crispy surface of the roasted bun, yet soft inside, make a perfect match when you bite it down, kind of oily, but you just simply can't resist it! 

San Hou Lei 新好利
Rua de Regedor 13 and 14, Taipa

You should also visit the Ruins of St. Paul's too. It is one of the famous landmark in Macau, which has some history behind it. Cathedral of St. Paul was one of the largest Catholic Churches during the 16th century. However, it was destroyed by a fire during a typhoon in 1835. The ruins now consist of the southern stone façade, and the façade sits on a small hill, with 66 stone steps leading up to it.

The next place we visited: 

Margaret’s Cafe e Nata
Address: Gum Loi Building, Rua Almirante Costa Cabral
Tel: 28710032, closed on Wednesday

Seeman brought us to this place, which was famous for its Portuguese Egg Tarts. Was really very good. Crispy crust, hot, freshly bake, mixed with a afternoon tea, superb!

Look at the crowd! Was not easy to find a seat there!

Mum and girlfriend waiting... boyfriend and son duty to queue up. Haha.

After teabreak, we head on to Mingji to get our souvenirs!

See, so many items! Yea, the ladies buy... It's also the son and boyfriend duty to carry. Lol. 

Finally...dinner time! Seeman brought us to another famous place in Macau. 

九如坊Platao Portuguese restaurant 

G/FL./ 3 Travessa Sao Domingos Macau
Tel: (853) 2833-1818

Restaurant Platao is famous for its Portuguese dishes. 

Dish 1: Baked Bacalhau with Smashed Potato
According to Wikipedia, Bacalhau (Portuguese pronunciation: [bɐkɐˈʎaw]) is the Portuguese word for codfish and—in a culinary context—dried and salted codfish. Fresh (unsalted) cod is referred to as bacalhau fresco (fresh cod).

If you're a lover of potatoes, you should order this! But careful of small bones!

Dish 2: Stir Fried Mixed Mushroom. 

Mushrooms fried and served in a half cut potato. The inner part of the potato was emptied, and filled with mushrooms. Cut some slice of the potato and mixed with the mushroom, awesome combination! A healthy yet tasty dish to go with!

Dish 3: Vegetable Soup with Portuguese Sausage (left) and Spinach Soup (right)

Personally, I would prefer the spinach soup more than the former. Healthier choice to go with definitely. The Vegetable soup with Portuguese Sausage had a weird taste which does not really blend well. 

Dish 4: Biscuit Mousse
Dessert finally came. Heard from Seeman all day long about this Biscuit Mousse, and she mentioned that this was one of the must eat item in Macau. Everyone in Macau knows this. It has very fine biscuit crust on every layer, has a 'ice-cream' feel, yet it's not an ice-cream. Very unique dessert which you can't find in Singapore. Probably only in Macau. Must eat and best selling dessert ! Highly recommended.

Note: Remember to make a reservation before you go. Heard that it's always pack and crowded!

 So one full day of Macau experience. Many thanks to our tour guide Seeman! 

Taking the ferry back to HongKong Island! Will blogged about my HongKong experience when I have the time!


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