Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ChariTrees and Christmas Trees Lights Up at Marina Bay for Community Chest

Jointly organised by Community Chest and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Christmas ChariTrees @ Marina Bay Singapore was lit up last Friday, 9th November 2012. This is the 2nd year the event is held during this festive season, and $235,000 was already raised so far, with more than 78% above the amount raised from last year's event! Seen here, opening address by Mr. Tan Puay Kern, Chairman of the Christmas CharitTrees @ Marina Bay 2012 organising committee.

The performance by Singapore Police Force band kicks off the opening ceremony! 

Look how coordinated their steps are!

Walking along the water front, it is not difficult to find the glowing christmas trees. A total of 25 ChartiTrees, were adopted by Community Chest's corporate partners. The highlight of the exhibitions are the Eco Trees. Among the 25 ChariTrees, 8 of them are specially designed by students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, (NAFA), from the department of 3D Design.  These 8 Eco Trees are made up of recycled materials ranging from light bulbs, metals cans, paper and more. The response was very overwhelming with only 8 selected out of 50 entries.

Seen here, is the Eco Tree named ' Nostalouette ( Nostalgic Silhouette) ', adopted by Keppel Land and Keppel Offshore and Marine.The reindeer on top of the tree is actually a wine vane, which points to the direction of the wind, and at the same time cast the beautiful silhouette within the tree. As the name suggests, the design hopes to brings back the childhood beliefs of Santa and reindeer to many.

The ' Nostalouette (Nostalgic Silhouette) is designed by Haruka Hikita, Josephine Halim, Febe Aprilia, Yovina Nugroho, Jane Fabrina, Cho Ser Jenq, Eshton Chua, Deby Gisela Lukas, Shareen Seng and Ang Kit Ying.

Another tree  adopted by Keppel Land and Keppel Offshore & Marine is the "Magical Miracle" . Designed by Denise Ng, Kim Sumin, Jovan Josse Halim, Sienny Wijaya and Airine Suryadianta.

Looking closely, I was attracted by the bricks which form the building blocks of the christmas tree. Though it was monotone, but the reddish brown bricks created a classic and and retro feel. The designers wanted to use bricks to represent the chimney and the varied stacking of the bricks, to illustrate how the children from different parts of the world look forward to gifts and joy during the festive season. Walking along the Marina Bay waterfront, it was actually not the bricks that caught my attention first at night. However, it was the light rays that was projected onto the cemented ground that draws me closer to the tree. It seem like every light ray, represents every single hope and wish from everyone of us. If only...Santa Clause really exist.

Out of the 8 Eco-Trees, the 'Lightbulb - Light of A New Hope' was the one which I fancy the most. Adopted by Community Chest,  this tree's inspiration came from the concept of chandeliers. The idea has been magnified into a christmas tree, and the designers, Quy Phung Kelly Ta, Ming Yang Wolf, Eugene Phee Tje Siang and Shuan Joseph Ho, felt that the lights symbolizes new hopes during Christmas and for New Year.

Never knew the lightbulbs can be recycled into better use! Suddenly reminds me of the white sphere which Marina Bay Singapore prepared every year, which represents New Year wishes for Singapore.

In life, everyone of us are at a different position, different levels. Some of us yearn to climb fast and be better to others, but many times, we didn't realize we are always glowing at our current status. If anyone of us is gone one day, you will never be able to find the same unique person to fill up the same spot and status. That's life. =)

'Wishes Multiplied' , adopted by Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd, is designed by students from the special school, Metta School. Supported by Community Chest, the students were given triangular pieces of paper and were asked to cut out heart-shape to symbolize their wish. As seen from the picture above, the outline of the cut out was then used to decorate the christmas tree. Some of the students kept their 'hearts' as a gift, others contributed their hearts on the tree.

The Eco-Tree, made from metal support structure and white shower curtains, symbolises the joy of giving and receiving. Designed by: Haruka Hikita, Josephine Halim, Febe Aprilla, Yovina Nugroho, Jane Fabrina, Cho Ser Jeng, Eshton Chua, Deby Gisela Lukas, Ng Mei Ling, Shareen Seng and Ang Kit Ying.

The 25 ChariTrees were already lit up on 9th November 2012, till 28th December 2012, at the following timings:

Sunday to Thursday: 7pm to 12 Midnight
Friday to Saturday : 7pm to 2am
24 December 2012 : 7pm to 6am

You can also be part of this meaningful event too! All you have to do is to make a contribution at Marina Bay City Gallery from 10th November to 28th December 2012. For every $10 donated, you will get to receive a Christmas ornament which can be personalized by writing your name and hung on the Community Chest ChariTree along the Waterfront. Marina City Bay Gallery is opened at the following timings:

Tuesday to Friday : 10am to 8pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 10am - 9pm
Monday closed


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