Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Loving Marina Bay Photo Exhibition Launch 2012

Many thanks to Marina Bay Singapore and Urban Redevelopment Authority, I am very honored to be selected to be featured at Loving Marina Bay Photo Exhibition! 19 other very talented photographers' , famous bloggers' and my photos will be exhibited from 3rd Nov 2012 to 3rd Dec 2012 at Clifford Square!
Check out the list of AmBAYssadors here! Read more about us!

See the story of Marina Bay through the AmBAYssadors,  this photography exhibition showcases the different facets of the Marina Bay precinct through over 100 enthralling photos!

The reason why I heart Marina Bay Singapore. =)
" Marina Bay, to me, used to be a place where I had gatherings and steamboats with friends, and only Bus 403 & kite flying were associated with it. Today, it has transformed to a central spot with many distinctive Singapore landmarks, and I love the fact that while relaxing at any corner, you can see the achievements of the country, and feel proud to be a Singaporean. "

Still remembered vividly my first coverage for Marina Bay was the countdown to 2011 event. Still remember clearly squeezing through the crowd, collecting wishes and pictures. Many were wondering who were these people, we ran along like some young journalists, and all we wanted was to capture the highlights of the event in different angle, hoping that people at home, could feel the spirits and excitement , reading our post, watching the video, even after the event!

With Juliana here, also one of the organizers behind loving marina bay project.

With the famous family bloggers, Andy and Kelvin!

We met each other almost 1 year ago, during the countdown to 2012 @ Marina Bay as official bloggers! 3 of us were complaining, how time flies!

Yea this is how time flies. Luckily 1 year later we still look the same. Right? Haha.

Meet the others! It was really like a big reunion, catching up with the rest, bloggers, and also met new friends like photographers Andrew and Darren Chin. Thanks to Andrew and Darren for the group photos! We heart Marina Bay!

Bloggers unite ! Darren Ng, Calvin, Darren Ang. And... that's Andrew, the photographer walking swiftly behind us. Haha,maybe running to snap some highlights!

Receiving the token of appreciation from Marina Bay Singapore. *bow 90 degrees*
Thank you!

Some other AmBAYssadors receiving the token of appreciation!

Seen here with my colleague, Joanne and girlfriend, Shoel

Another... with Bosch ex-super intern, Zhang Ren

Also cannot forget another hero behind the whole planning, like our nanny always, taking care of us, coordinating the pictures, our captions, profile pictures, etc etc. Every event, he's there to provide us support... haha. He's none other than Kazae. His name very BOOMZ right

Blogger Alvin amazed with Photographer Sze Ping's pictures. I was also very amazed. Damn good!
You must see it yourself!

I think I was commenting Andy's picture very natural, kids running, and the daddy must be sitting at one corner taking care of the children belongings. Haha.

Also check out photographs from Kelvin, Rose and Adrian! Impressive! I'm very honored my humble photos can be put side by side with these popular bloggers. *Bow again*

Not forgetting my heroine and dearest... for every event, helping me to take pictures when I was eating ice cream, wiping my sweat, holding my bag, on the phone, tweeting, videoing, bla bla bla. It's right to feature you together with me in the profile picture! 让我们心连心。。。凝聚在一起。。 Opps, Sala, that one NDP Song. =X

My colleague Joanne also found her long lost friend. Singapore is really small. They seriously talk like they have not seen each other for 10 plus years!

Locate the Photo Booth, snap a picture and share it with your friends!

Not only girlfriend, you can take with your colleagues and friends!

And family too! Find the right person to take... bonus. Haha, like the picture suggest. =)

Thank you Marina Bay Singapore and URA once again! Looking forward to taking more good pictures for future events! I'm proud to wave my certificate and both hands to SHOUT I'm a Marina Bay AmBAYssador! (Opps, certificate fly away, too excited) 

This is where you can locate the photography exhibition!
From 3rd November 2012 to 3rd December 2012!
Thanks for your support!
There are many other interesting activities such as heritage walks, photography talks conducted through out the month till 3rd December. So do check out the webpage for more details! 


SengkangBabies said...

Nice to catch up again bro Kevin :)

You must buy GF big meal, she is always beside you at events, and her photography skill is good :)

kevinskh said...

Haha, yes, nice catching up!
Always got buy BIG meal. LOL. Yes...her photography is ups! Will tell her that. =)

Shoel Chen said...

Hey Andy! haha..really? thanks thanks..actually i don't know much about photography and there are so many to learn!

Anyway,glad to see you and your family that day. It is a joy to see your kids. Nice knowing you! :)