Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year Do What Huh ? (Part 1) - Spring Blooms at Gardens by the Bay!

If you are still scratching your head to decide where to go during the festive period, fred not! One of the attractions in Singapore which you should go to is definitely Gardens By the Bay. For the whole month of Feb, Gardens by the Bay celebrates the Chinese New Year with Spring floral display in the Flower Dome!

Spot the 'hidden' snake as we usher in the Snake Year! This 'snake' measures 3metre long, in addition, look out for a selection of penjing (盆景 or Bonsai) up to 200 years old, and find grand kumquat plants measuring 3metres in diameter!

There's also life-sized oriental pavilions to enhance the spring mood!

Spotted someone relaxing in the pavilion!

On top of that, the spring floral display will also feature some 8000 colourful blooms, including peonies, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, orchids, just to name a few. There's also more than 8 varieties of kumquat plants, such as the Giant Golden Citrus and Buddha's Hand Citrus!

Look at the bright yellow Chrysanthemums! First cultivated in China centuries ago, this flower is one of the 'Four Gentlemen' of Chinese art commonly depicted in Chinese ink and water colour paintings. Revered in Japan where it is used as the symbol of the royal family, the flowers produce Pyrethrin, a potent organic insecticide.
source: Gardens By the Bay

Producing large romantic fragrant blooms for a brief period in mid-Spring, Peonies have long been revered in China as 'the flower of riches' or 'the king of flowers' and is well-represented in Chinese art, literature and remains one of the floral emblems in China.
source: Gardens By the Bay

My girlfriend, Shoel was there during the preview, and thanks to Gardens By the Bay, she was invited for a Lou Hei session together with the team, and some Marina Bay AmBAYssadors, at Majestic Bay restaurant!

That's before....

LOU HEI ARH! Spotted photography blogger, Szeping, and lifestyle blogger Darran Ang here.

The AmBAYssardors were also treated to a scrumptious meal, all thanks to Majestic Bay!

So, hurry down to Gardens By the Bay!
Spring Celebrations Floral Display has already started from 1st Feb 13, all the way till 28th Feb 13.
9am to 9pm daily, only at Flower Dome. What's more?! Just for 15 days during the lunar new year, local residents only pay a discounted rate of 88% to the conservatories! HUAT ARH!
In addition, limited edition Gardens By the Bay Ang Pows will be given to all those who spend $28 or more at the ticketing counter or retail shops in a single receipt! While stocks last!

Check out for Part 2 and Part 3 on Chinese New Year Do What Huh? series!
River Hongbao 13 and Chingay 13 preview coming up next!

Credits: Shoel Chen for taking the pictures
(I was away in Indonesia for a business trip!)

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