Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chinese New Year do what huh? (Part 3) - Chingay 2013 , Fire In Snow. 妆艺大游行13之雪中火!

Chingay 2013 had its first show on 22nd Feb 2013 at Pit Building! With around 10,000 volunteer performers and 2000 parade volunteers, this year, Chingay 2013 promises to be bigger, and better.
Check out the smiles from the happening Zumba dancers from different community centers!

Was very lucky to be invited by Marina Bay Singapore and People's Association to cover Chingay 13, Fire in Snow. Had followed them behind the scenes and rehearsal, and I must say the performers really put in 110 percent in bringing out the show to the audiences. I will be bringing some behind the scene pictures soon! I remembered one of the rehearsals, it was raining heavily with light thunderstorms, however the never-say-die attitude of the performers from all ages, all walks of life, really touched me alot! Remember to show them your support by giving your loudest cheer, wave your poms poms, and of course, purchase your tickets from Sistic now! Last night on 23rd Feb 2013!

The performers from the passion group , (Mr Yam Ah Mee was also one of them) started cooking in this segment. Having rushed down immediately after work, I started to get hungry when I smell what they were cooking! Yes, you didn't hear wrongly, they were cooking along the F1 track! The Chingay 2013 committee aims to achieve the Most Number of People Cooking on Mobile Stoves in the Singapore Book of Records!

Our generation Y and generation Z from NUS also were there to put up a very energetic dance!

This year, Chingay 2013 is very proud to have Gurmit Singh, Lin You Yi, and Guo Liang to be the hosts of the event!

Another record breaking event will also be witnessed in Chingay 2013!
'Most number of Opera Performers in a 120m performing area'
This is perhaps by first time coming so close to the traditional opera performers, and seeing so many of them coming together. The most senior performer in this segment is Mdm Julie, who's already 75 years old!

Not easy to draw within a time limit yea... but this artist is able to do it without stress!

Performers from different schools... and different races. Depicting the multi-racial and rich cultural experience in Singapore!

Not forgetting our foreign groups at Chingay 2013! From Korea...


Really enjoyed myself while snapping pictures of our Japanese friends! Haha, their energy was superb!

Highlight of the event was the man-made snow, which covered the entire 360m track!
Chingay 2013 theme - Fire in SNOW!

And finally...remember, behind every success of every event, there's always a group of hardworking crew behind the scene, sharing the joy of every single participants!

Catch the video highlights from the NE show!

More pictures:
Behind the Scene 1- Opera Performers from Queenstown Community Center
Chingay Parade Day 1

Get your tickets from Sistic now! Last night!!!
Feel the Singapore Chinese New Year heartbeat!

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