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Chingay 2013 at Heartlands (Choa Chu Kang & Hong Kah GRC) - Behind the Scene

Thanks to Chingay 2013 committee and Marina Bay Singapore, had the opportunity to board the float and joined them as one of the Chingay 2013 participants!

Time:  4pm
Andrew and myself reached People's Association HQ.
Faruz from PA: Guys, here's your costume. There's a picture here, please try your best to dress up like him. 

Andrew and myself : Ehhh... okay. (Scratches head) 

So we went to the washroom to change, excited with our costumes, I took one picture of myself and post it up on facebook. Lol, and thanks to my friends, some of them said I look like Nezha. Kanasai.

Nezha is some chinese legendary character , please google to find out more. Really look like abit sia. Haha.

4.45pm, we are still stuck in PAHQ due to heavy rain. This is Faruz, the man behind Passion Chingay Club facebook. Waiting for Faruz to send us to our first station, Jurong West Street 91.

Andrew JK Tan. My companion for the day, fellow Nezha. Haha. He's also one of the Marina Bay AmBAYssadors.

First station reached. Jurong West Street 91. This place used to be so familiar to me. Now I'm part of the NTU alumni. Do you know there's a famous chicken rice stall located in Blk 906 ? My cousin owns the stall by the way. Paisay, boh discount. But maybe you print and show my picture got extra rice. Haha.

As it was still drizzling,  Andrew and myself sneaked out to get some ice cream. Haha, too hungry lah. But sianz, threw away halfway cause the Chingay Organizer, was looking for both of us!

Time to get ready.
Andrew: Ehh... how to wear harh?
He's still figuring out. But being typical singaporean, I chose to take picture of him instead of helping him. Hhahha.

Check out my golden bras. =)
Wu Say boh?

Before we board our floats, saw the friendly group from Queenstown Community Center again. Was there few weeks ago covering their behind the scenes pictures. Unfortunately, no time to take a picture with the group. Chingay Organizer was rushing me to go up my float while snapping this picture!

Shall share with you some pictures I took few weeks ago.
This is Auntie Julie, she's already 75 years old! She has whatsapp and facebook, picking up new things and catching up with the new generation!

I'm not joking when I said she's very hi-tech k. Haha.

These ladies have to start preparing as 1pm when the Chingay starts at 7pm. Admire their hardwork and dedication to the Chingay Team. Salute!

I help you, you help me.Brotherhood.

Every costume, required 2 or more person to help them out. Team effort.

Spotted my God of Fortune look alike!

This, is the real guy.

Spot the odd one out.Okay, the rest are all ladies. Haha.

Board the float! Getting ready.
But feeling uneasy for the first time.
We used to snap pictures of others, but now we've become the 'prey' of others.
But Andrew and myself are still equipped with our cameras, snapping pictures of the public!

MPs from Choa Chu Kang and Hong Kah GRC board the float, together with Mr. Yam Ah Mee.

This was the last time I got my personal shot with Mr. Yam Ah Mee at Chingay 2013 conference. Very friendly guy!

Together with the rest of the Marina Bay AmBAYssadors.

So the MP took a rest along the Highway, and Andrew and Myself took over to go to Top of the float. It was as if doing some Army SOC obstacles (of course Army was tougher!) , kneeling and bending down to avoid trees, bridges and LTA Signboards!

Reached 2nd Station, Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Center. Very surprised to find the huge turnout!

This is our homeland. This is Singapore.
Heartlands. =)

Andrew felt like a KING now. Haha.
There were so many people, as if we were Singapore new JiaJia and KaiKai.

Along the way to next station... some dedicated Chingay Crews. Controlling the time, crowd and us. Haha. They are the ones who kept reminding us to take care of our safety, bend down our heads, making sure the floats are on time... salute!

Then there are some getting down the float occasionally to make sure we are safe, no mounting of kerbs, don't block the traffic...

Not forgetting the traffic police for helping us to clear our ways along the road, to ensure safety at all times!

Choa Chu Kang, infront of Blk 609.
Check out the massive Chingay Troupe and Floats!

9.30 pm
Final stop! Choa Chu Kang, Lot 1!
We got off from this point ... and ends our experience here!

Fireworks in the heartlands, how often to you see it ? The residents of Choa Chu Kang are really lucky!
Many thanks to the hardworking Grassroots leaders to put all this together...

And finally...11.26pm
Reached back to PAHQ.
Home Sweet Home!

Please continue to support Chingay 2013 at Heartlands next week! This will be the final stop at Moulmein-Kallang, 9th of March, from 5.30pm onwards.
Check out here for more details!

Watch The Chingay Floats & Join In The Moulmein Lunar New Year Street Party!

Do check out more pictures here and 'like' their facebook: 

PAssion Chingay Club

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--andy-- said...

Love the view from the top of the the Float. The crowd is really supportive :)

cheers, Andy (SengkangBabies)

spunktitud3 said...

Hahaha, Kai Kai and Jia Jia! I couldn't stop laughing :D But glad you both had a pretty awesome experience :) Btw - u looked really good with your golden bra! Shoel would be proud heehee.