Thursday, June 20, 2013

Celebrates Taiwan Beer's One Year Anniversary in Singapore!

Taiwan Beer celebrates it's one year anniversary in Singapore! Brought in and launched by Kaimay trading in last year Beerfest Asia, this Taiwan Best best selling fruit beer has definitely caught the attention of many Singaporeans here. Within hours after it's announcement on the new Grape and Orange fruit beer flavors on Taiwan Beer Sg facebook, it has received overwhelming response from their fans with close to 100 'likes' !

Last weekend, Taiwan Beer was at BeerFest Asia Singapore for the second time. The event, running into it's fifth year in Singapore, have attracted many beer fanatics here. It is thus the best time to launch the new flavors, Grape and Orange fruit beer to the beer lovers.

The full range of Taiwan Beer, which is your favourite ? Last year, Kaimay launched Gold Medal Taiwan Beer, Sweet Touch Lychee Fruit Beer and White Grape Fruit Beer at Beerfest Asia 2012. And to cater to the consumers who are seeking unique beer flavors, Kaimay also increased their range of Taiwan Fruit Beers, with Sweet Touch Green Apple Fruit Beer, Taiwan Beer Mango Fruit Beer and Pineapple Fruit Beer.

Sweet Touch White Grape Fruit Beer, launched in BeerFest 2012 was seen again in this year event.

Was with Shoel last week at Kaimay trading's booth, Beer Fest Asia 2013. In addition to their existing fruit beer flavors, had also tried the new fruit beer flavors Grape and Orange.  Frankly speaking, I would normally prefer wine to beer, hoping to find something similar to the taste of red wine, I reached out to the Grape fruit beer. Was refreshing after I had my few sips down. (Yea, notice it's more than one sip, was really thirsty after walking under the hot sun!) Especially under this hot weather, the Taiwan Grape fruit beer, which has a relatively low alcohol content of 2.8%, quench my thirst at the instance it flows down my throat. Also probably because of the sugar content from the 6.5% real fruit juice, it perks me up and reduce my mild exhaustion from half day morning work.

Tachi Nguyen, marketing executive of Kaimay's Trading, elaborating on the full range of Taiwan Beer products in Singapore, and also on the new fruit beer flavors, Orange and Grape. Seen here together with blogger Malcom Sunny.

The new Taiwan Beer Orange Fruit beer. Also only contains 2.8% alcohol, sure to go well with small snacks, and suitable for family and friends gatherings.

 Actually, Shoel can drink better than me. Haha.
As mentioned, I prefer wine to beer. Either that, I will go with light flavored beers. Taiwan Beer with 2.8% alcohol content is just the right beer for me, and infact, this was my first time drinking it. First impression went well!

Also catch up with bloggers Darren Sim and Malcom Sunny.
It's hard to find male bloggers in Singapore, but recently there have been a growing trend of male bloggers in the local blogging scene. 

The bloggers and friends at the event. 
Taiwan Fruit Beer Series* are available at all leading supermarkets and convenient stores, selling at a retail price of $3.90 SGD. 

*Last check on their facebook, seem like the Grape and Orange fruit beer have not hit the SG market yet. Keep a look out, should be coming to SG soon!


Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A little update...

Time really flies, half year has gone... I haven't been updating my blog that frequently nowadays, taking some time off my blog to focus more on my work. Getting a lil tough to juggle between work and blogging, will try to manage it. ;)

So I've recently completed my 2nd run, which is also my first half marathon. Started to develop the interest of jogging recently, perhaps, it's another channel for me to relieve my stress. Exercise helps, definitely.
Participating in marathons can be an addiction, I've already signed up for army half marathon, and always constantly looking out for more races.

Completed my sundown 21.1km half marathon in 2hr and 51 minutes, nothing fantastic, thought that I will come in earlier, but even though I have the stamina, my leg gave way at 15km. Couldn't run due to muscle cramps. In order to finish the race, and to collect my first ever half marathon medal, decided to walk for the rest of 6km. Was definitely not an easy one, but am already looking forward to the next half marathon.
Met my hall friend, Priscilla, who ran the 10km race, and completed in 1hr 20mins.

Apart from work, my Saturdays are currently occupied with Ndp'13 trainings. Will be representing NTUC Youth and my company, in one of the performance segments, titled ' Build '. Will post more updates here as National Day draws near. Together with me doing this, is none other than my girlfriend, haha. Finally able to fulfil my wish to be involved in National Day Parade since young. Always only had the chance to view the parade and performance from TV or the spectator seat, now finally we are involved in the preparation of the NDP'13. Trainings has already started, and we will fight to put up a good show from now till the actual day. ;)