Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A little update...

Time really flies, half year has gone... I haven't been updating my blog that frequently nowadays, taking some time off my blog to focus more on my work. Getting a lil tough to juggle between work and blogging, will try to manage it. ;)

So I've recently completed my 2nd run, which is also my first half marathon. Started to develop the interest of jogging recently, perhaps, it's another channel for me to relieve my stress. Exercise helps, definitely.
Participating in marathons can be an addiction, I've already signed up for army half marathon, and always constantly looking out for more races.

Completed my sundown 21.1km half marathon in 2hr and 51 minutes, nothing fantastic, thought that I will come in earlier, but even though I have the stamina, my leg gave way at 15km. Couldn't run due to muscle cramps. In order to finish the race, and to collect my first ever half marathon medal, decided to walk for the rest of 6km. Was definitely not an easy one, but am already looking forward to the next half marathon.
Met my hall friend, Priscilla, who ran the 10km race, and completed in 1hr 20mins.

Apart from work, my Saturdays are currently occupied with Ndp'13 trainings. Will be representing NTUC Youth and my company, in one of the performance segments, titled ' Build '. Will post more updates here as National Day draws near. Together with me doing this, is none other than my girlfriend, haha. Finally able to fulfil my wish to be involved in National Day Parade since young. Always only had the chance to view the parade and performance from TV or the spectator seat, now finally we are involved in the preparation of the NDP'13. Trainings has already started, and we will fight to put up a good show from now till the actual day. ;)

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