Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Healing Touch Singapore Review - Massage suitable for both Men and Ladies in Singapore

Was at Healing Touch Singapore last weekend, for a relaxing scrub and massage. I probably didn't realize Healing Touch cater to both genders, until I went for the services. Due to the nature of my work, I often spent long hours infront of the computer. The treatment came at the right time especially when I just got back from my business trip, which I spent long hours traveling from one customer to another in Jakarta. (Jakarta is famous for it's traffic jam btw)

Healing Touch Singapore, claimed as the most recommended SPA on facebook, has 4 branches in Singapore. With one of it's branches conveniently located near Novena MRT, I visited this branch which was about 7 to 10 mins walk from United Square.

Being clueless about scrub treatment, I asked the receptionist, Wendy, who was with all smiles, to recommend the best selling treatment. Was told that the Apple Aloe Scrub and Lemongrass Salt Scrub was the branch top selling scrub treatments. The former provides moisturizing effect, while the latter provides a energetic and refreshing effect. 

 There's a total of 6 different scrubs, and I'm spoilt with choices. Being a typical man, I don't see how different scrubs can pamper my skin. I further asked Wendy to recommend me the type of scrub suitable for Men. Well apparently, there's no differences, on top of the varying skin protection scrub, it also depends on what kind of texture to go for. Alright, for the ladies who are still reading my entry, you probably got tired of me explaining in detail. But hold on! It's for the sake of the majority (minority) Men similar to me who are clueless to scrub treatment! Okay, so let me continue. So I told Wendy I'll opt for the fine grains treatment, and she said I should go for the Apple Aloe Vera Scrub. Pick this scrub if this is your first time experiencing scrub treatment. (My personal view)

In addition to the scrub, I was also offered to a complimentary massage. This I'm more familiar with. Without asking for a second opinion, I opted for the Javanese Fusion Oil Massage. If you are similar to me, prefer to fall to sleep during the treatment ,opt for this. The soft and relaxing strokes of the Javanese massage brings your tiredness away and slowly put you in light sleep.

However, if you would like to opt for a Oil Free massage, suggest to go for the Thai Fusion Massage instead.

Wendy added a point that if you're having muscle ache due to exercises, choose the 'Muscle Ache Oil', as the name suggest. However, if it's just mild stiffness, probably you can go for the 'Tension Relief Oil'. I chose the latter. There's a total of 4 types to choose from!

The total treatment lasted for 1.5 hours, which include 30 mins scrub treatment and 60 mins massage. Being first time to try out scrub treatment, I was glad that the masseuse was gentle in her strokes and checking if I'm feeling okay at times. I was being frank by telling her I felt uneasy at my ticklish spots, however, to ease my discomfort, she told me that it's normal for many people to feel like this. The masseuse, Marissa, was always with smiles and approachable. Guess was also her pleasant attitude which allow me to be comfortable expressing myself, despite my first experience for scrub treatment. After the scrub, Marissa led me to the clean and brightly lit shower room to cleanse myself.

After cleansing, I was able to felt that my skin texture was smoother. Guess there are lots of dead skin cells around, and being a typical man, I normally washed myself up swiftly, often neglecting the importance to remove dead skin and promote new skin growth.

The treatment was then followed by a massage. Appreciate that the masseuse actually spare sometime to understand where's my sore spots, in order to exert more pressure and to spend more time on these areas. It's very different from other SPAs which I usually visit. As usual, at times, the masseuse also checked if I'm feeling okay, and when I'm feeling sore at certain areas, she would explain to me the possible reasons of such
soreness. I couldn't exactly remember when did I actually fall into light sleep, until there was slight jerk on my body. The massage was very relaxing. Highly recommended.

With the receptionist, Wendy. 

Healing Touch Singapore has four branches in Singapore. You can also make an online booking on their website here: Healing Touch Singapore

The above treatment and charges are as follows: 
30 min Anti-oxidant Apple Aloe Scrub : $35 SGD ($37.45 SGD with GST)
60 min Javanese Fusion Oil Massage: $50 SGD ($53.50 with GST)

Novena Branch
70 Thomson Rd
Tel: 6255 3320
 Upper Thomson Branch
199 Upper Thomson Rd
Tel: 6352 4657
River Valley Branch
5 Tank Rd, Nagarathar Bldg #01-01/02
Tel: 6737 0147
Tampines Branch
1 Tampines Central 5, CPF Tampines Bldg #05-10
Tel: 6786 7695


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