Monday, July 08, 2013

NDP 2013 Show Segment Behind the Scenes

First time participating in National Day Parade this year. Been a few times watching the parade as an audience either at the spectators seat or at home. It's definitely a different feeling standing on the floating platform, performing together with more than 12,000 participants, and celebrating the Nation's birthday together. We come together with a common goal and spirit and we will witness our fruits of labour on 9th August 2013. 5 more weeks to the real show. Counting down every week, and it's a form of destress from work everytime I meet the friends from young NTUC, every Saturday. 

This year’s Show segment celebrates the uniqueness of Singaporeans through a variety show that will feature nine story segments centred on the themes of Play, Build, Engage, Remember, Represent, Embrace, Respect, Love and Party. Blue and White collar workers from all walks of life and different races, representing young NTUC will be involved in the 'Build' segment, to represent Singapore workforce in the present days. Above you see some of the new acquaintances Shoel and I have met so far.

In addition to Young NTUC group, the airforce, army, police and civil defence will also join in the build segment. We are trying to be funny, but yet at the same time, practising our dance steps. Yes, this is part of our choreographed steps!

We would normally reached there around 3pm to refresh on our dance steps, make ups and briefing. Though sometimes we may have to wait slightly longer than expected, but some friends of Young NTUC have their ways to keep us entertained! We then proceed from F1 pit to floating platform around 6.30pm to get ready for our show. Despite long hours of waiting, but these volunteers (including Shoel and me) have little complaints. Some are always looking forward to the next rehearsal and some were disappointed when the haze disrupted our trainings. The reason ? Because we are spending quality time in NDP trainings; meeting down to earth friends from all walks of life, exchanging life experiences, and also witnessing the behind the scenes of NDP preparation, etc. These are some meaningful experiences in life which many others may not be able to have it. You only live once! YOLO!

I like Shoel's expression here. BEST LAH.

The guy in tie is Anthony, who's always very encouraging to the whole team. Always reminding us to wave to the audiences (when we actually have to find our position numbers on the ground) , smile, and cheering us before the actual performance. I always value senior colleagues and friends in the team and also in my own office organization. They are people whom we should always respect and give thumbs up to.

More pictures to come...
Credits: Shoel Chen

Our Journey to NDP 2013. ;)

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