Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Local Productions - Everything but The Brain Review

Brought to you by Sight Lines Productions, Everything But the Brain is currently showing at DBS Arts Centre from now till 
 21st August 2013.  Directed by young emerging theatre director Derrick Chew and written by Jean Tay, this award winning play is a mirror reflection of today's society of how kinship transforms with time. Premiered in 2005, and bags away 'Best Original Script' and 'Best Actor' (Gerald Chew) Award at the 2006 Life! Theater Awards,  Everything But the Brain returns again this August and promises to touch the hearts of many audiences!

Main cast of Everything But the Brain,clockwise : 
Edward Choy(left) , Gerald Chew and Koh Wan Ching.

Everything But The Brain tells the story of a Physics teacher, Elaine (Played by Wan Ching) who opposes time to try to save her father(Gerald Chew) from stroke. At times, the immediate switch of the roles when Elaine was taking care of her dad, to her childhood days,  touches my heart. It is so close to our everyday lives, as we see how our parents aged and how we also responded over the years. The Chemistry between the cast especially Gerald Chew and Wan Ching was excellent, so much so that I felt for Elaine's when her dad's condition worsen such as loss of control of bowels and his mobility. This play probably only portrays a micro view of a stroke's patient condition, in real life, the family of a stroke patient may need to spend much time and have alot of patience and love to take care of them. The romance of this play is brought out by Dr Sam (Edward Choy) together with Elaine, which turns out to be something else in a comical way!

Everything but the Brain will not be successful without the 3 bears. They are probably not linked to anyone in the show, but the play is enlivened by some amusing narrations from them. They are also there to remind the audiences the countdown of the time and also some physics theory which somehow can be related to Elaine's life. If you actually failed your physics since young, fred not as the 3 bears will simplify the complicated Physics theory and relates to your everyday life scenario!

From left: Cassandra Spykerman as the baby bear, Faizal Abdullah as the Papa Bear, and Amanda Tee as the Mama Bear.
Similar to Edges,  I like Sight Lines Productions creative ways to put up the backdrops and stage props. In Everything But the Brain, pay special attention to the projections and animations on the black curtains behind. At times, the projections play an important role in the play as it enhances the 'travel-back-time' effect. Also, the director also use the props creatively, from a chair to a suitcase, and then to a hospital bed. How did he do it? Watch 
Everything But the Brain to find out the answer!

Check out the comments from the audiences on the Gala Night!

 The entire cast together with the director Derrick Chew 
(extreme right)

Look who's also here on the Gala Night! Award Winning film-maker Anthony Chen!
Film-maker Anthony Chen is the first South-east Asian winner of the prestigious Camera d’Or prize.

Shoel and myself with the marketing staff, Angie and Director of Everything But the Brain, Derrick Chew. 
Many thanks to Sightlines Productions for the invitation. 

Everything But the Brain is currently showing from now till 21st August 2013 at DBS Arts Center. Tickets can be purchased through 
Please SUPPORT Local Productions!

I have a pair of Everything But the Brain tickets to be given away!
Date: 18th August 2013, Sunday, 8pm

If you are keen, just follow my instagram account at and drop me an email at with your Name, NRIC, and Mobile number. Closing Date: 
15th August 2013, 12pm. 

Winners will be randomly selected and notified via email. 

Good Luck! 

Pictures Credit: Sight Line Productions

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NDP 2013 Behind The Scene 2 !

It's a wrap finally. After 10 weeks of preparation, NDP 2013 has come to an end. It's an irony that we as participants were looking forward to August 9, yet at the same time we will also be missing the rehearsals on every Saturday which has slowly become part of our lives. Though it was only 1 minute of fame on stage, but the journey of NDP 2013 had so far been very rewarding.

It's probably my very first time to be featured on a national event website. Was really overjoyed when I was browsing through the website and saw my own name and picture there! 

  Also made my debut appearance on national TV news channel...

You probably think on screen everything looks perfect. But in actual fact, the hardworking news team from Channel 8 was rushing with time to send the clip back for the 5.15pm news. Time check when I was interviewed: 3.45pm. In addition to the channel 8 news team, there's also someone from Mindef to follow through. They were rushing with time, and was under pressure to make sure I speak correctly in the shortest time! No NG! *flips hair*

You probably didn't know that I was asked to do another interview in English for Channel Newsasia news angle. Well apparently they didn't air this interview, I really hope that it was not because of me! Haha.

Had to also brief my Young NTUC team what to do in the shortest possible time! I swear I didn't bribe them! They were very supportive and a bunch of energy overloaded group!

Thanks Young NTUC! Was very glad to know people from all ages, all walks of life. Simple and down to earth people whom I really respect.

5.15pm interview done! With Mediacorp News Reporter Lynette Lee.

And her gang - Soundman and Cameraman.

And my girlfriend captured this while I was busy snapping away some selfies with the gang!

While waiting for the next interview, I went out to take more pictures. Salute to the NDP 2013 team of official photographers who are always taking good shots of us!

Even before the show started , our welfare was already well taken care of. We have sponsors from Milo, Mr. Bean, Old Chang Kee which spoilt our choices!

And here you see the colors party from armour infantry.

Costume changed! Got ready by 5.30pm. Some call me Super Mario transformed.
Together with my gf Shoel!

While waiting for my next interview (for the 10pm show) ... the cameraman started asking me about instagram and to flash some pics to him for filming. Haha. When mainstream media meets social media. Who rules?

And if you think I was really fluent in my mandarin... okay lah. Actually just flaunt some 4 letters 成语 lah. I'm not that good in real life!

And so...we are ready to move on! Walked from F1 pit to the float at 6.30pm...and the mediacorp news team followed.

The NSFs and SAF regulars who were also performing together with us.

Motivated by this 5 year old Francis before going up on stage! He's one of the participant's son. 

NDP 2013 satisfaction unlocked on the actual day! Starstruck! Especially had the chance to do a selfie together with Moses Lim! I watched his shows and Under One Roof since young!

And probably another achievement of the night was to run all the way up to the stage, and asked for a photograph with Col David and Creative Director Selena Tan like a hardcore fan. They were very friendly and with all smiles! Salute to both of them who's probably already totally drained from the planning of the show.And the greatest reward of the night was that Col David told me he knew who I was and had actually read my blog before! Thanks Col David, you made my day!

Finally, thanks to the entire team (Young NTUC and all the NSFs) who made this performance possible.
It has been a long journey but together with a common goal, we made it. I'm now proud to tell everyone I've at least participated National Day Parade before and it's definitely a lifetime satisfaction. ;)

Do check out my instagram account for more NDP 2013 behind the scene pictures and videos :

NDP 2013 Mediacorp Channel 8 6.30pm News Interview - My interview on managing my roles as a blogger and NDP 2013 Performer

NDP 2013 Mediacorp Channel 8 News Interview 10pm -
My interview on managing my roles as a blogger and NDP 2013 Performer

Friday, August 09, 2013


Been busy filming with an upcoming Channel U talkshow lately. Met many like-minded friends in this project. Don't expect too much of me from this show, can't really speak fluently in Mandarin! But thankfully the rest are always compromising my mistakes and helping me along the way. But still, please support my friends, the hosts, and the awesome team behind this show who's putting up their best. Coming up from 16th September 2013, Every Monday, 8pm, Channel U!

Do check out more pics on instagram with the hashtag : #上班不留白2 or on our Facebook Page : 上班不留白2