Friday, November 15, 2013

Finding back the old Double-Image

Been blogging lesser. Started to ponder what was my main objective when I began blogging few years back. It all started with a form of way to let my friends to catch up with what I had been doing, and also was to release my stress from army. As time passes by, I realized the purpose of blogging slowly switched to more commercialize...

Probably need to find back the old double-image... the blog which used to be more simple. I'm glad I've started out blogging earlier. Not some famous blogger, but had path my own digital footprints... a more than 20 years of childhood friend was able to find me on the internet. We've lost contact... but the power of social media bring us back together again!

Will be stepping away from the complicated bloggers "industry" for a while... shall steer myself away from the polluted commercialize blogs. =)