Thursday, December 12, 2013

MacDonald's Party for the Adults - Retirement Party!

Last month, was at MacDonald Hougang Street 21 Blk 208 for a special project.A retirement celebration for Victor, who has contributed to Bosch for more than 20 years.He will official retire by end of the year, we've decided to plan an advance celebration for him, before everyone else starts to clear their year end annual leave! Check out the smiles from the picture above, looks like a family portrait yea!

You probably think that MacDonald Party was meant for the kids? Then you're wrong! The restaurant manager told us that the oldest party she ever organized was for a 50 year old man. We created some surprise for her as well, when we told her we plan to organize a retirement celebration for a 65 year old 'uncle' . Haha! She took up this project without hesitation because she wanted to break her own record!

The MacDonald Party idea came from me, cause I attended a secondary school friend 21st birthday few years back. (I'm not very old....) But the coordination part was done mostly by my colleagues Joanne and Christina! I think the hardest part of the entire mission was to 'trick' and bring Victor to Macdonale!

The group knocked off earlier at 5.30pm, and rushed down to Macdonald to decorate the place. My colleagues gave me the task to trick Victor to bring him here. Luckily I had a meeting earlier which ends at 6pm, and poor Victor was waiting for me. I have no idea how the group managed to convince him to wait for me. Haha, but he did know that we are planning a dinner... just that we didn't tell him it was at Macdonald. On the way, he was asking me why and who chose this place, luckily I managed to bluff my way through!

The ladies with Victor...

The ex- export team...

The guys ...

Not forgetting the Veterans who had fought the war together with Victor in Bosch. From left, Gloria, Maureen and Ann have all worked for more than 40 years in Bosch Automotive Singapore already. Salute to their long service towards this company!
The sporting Victor also gave us few poses when we asked him to. Without hesitation, he was all set to pose for the camera! 

Pre-ordered this cake in a neighbourhood cakeshop in Bishan, just beside Koi... cause they were able to design and bake what we wanted.

We then had some special entertainment for Victor and the guest. Christina ( the lady in black ) actually bought her kids' music instruments and we just made do with what we had, singing along to the tune of twinkle twinkle little stars, but we changed the lyrics to connect closely to Victor's heart.

Frankly speaking, this year, we already had quite a number of people bidding farewell, and Victor will be missed definitely. He's like a mentor and father to many of us, sometimes naggy, but they are actually wise words which guided us along, and sometimes serve as encouragement to keep junior staff like us going...

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