Friday, November 28, 2014

A Visit to Jannpaul : Knowing more about diamonds

Visited JannPaul few weeks ago, have been hearing about this brand from some of my friends, and all I know about Jannpaul is that the company is able to customize wedding rings and wedding bands. 

Stepping into JannPaul, and realized the company is far more than that. Situated at Far East Shopping center, JannPaul has a wide range of jewellery products, ranging from diamonds to rings, and many more. 

Infact, JannPaul was established in 2009 and started out by three friends. 

And understand from Mr. Casey Lai,  JannPaul aims to educate the general public on diamonds,usually the market industry is selling diamond at a higher price. 

In addition to it, JannPaul is best known for their unique concept of providing Diamond education and consultation sessions to their clients in their selection of Super Ideal Cut Diamonds, lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours each session. 

This sessions aim to provide correct knowledge to their clients, so as to choose the right and affordable diamonds! 

Actual Diamond Image
Credits: JannPaul

And we always hear about we should get diamonds of how many times of our salary~~
Not really! According to Mr. Casey, the priority should be focused on the following: 

1. Cut/Carat
2. Color
3. Clarity

Color and clarity is interchangeable.  But definitely priority Cut. 
Cut benifits not only it's overall brilliance but also color and clarity as well. It helps a diamond appear whiter face up, mask up inclusions and avoid deep cut diamonds that makes it look much smaller than it's actual carat size. Not forgetting that the lighting which you see the Diamond is also very important too! 

Diamond analysis using ASET.
Credits: JannPaul

Well, after attending the Diamond session provided by JannPaul, probably I'm more aware of the importance in the different factors. In addition to that, Mr. Casey Lai was confident that the diamond from JannPaul is generally at a lower price compare to others in the similar industry. 

Diamond under Ideal Scope Analysis
Credits: JannPaul

More FAQs about Diamonds here from Jannpaul website: Diamonds FAQ

If you would like to know about Diamonds through JannPaul, please note that it is strictly by appointment basis. Do check out JannPaul's facebook page and blog here for more details! 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Mid Autumn Festival 2014 @ Gardens By the Bay

From now till 14th Sept, visit Gardens By the Bay to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with your family and friends! This is the 7th edition of the event, and  expect to see spectacular lantern set pieces for absolutely free! The above picture features the famous legend of The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea. (八仙过海) !

Apart from the Chinese themes, visitors also get to see iconic landmarks of famous cities from 7 countries! Here we are in Sydney Australia!

The Ancient Chinese Palace under the moonlight

The 12 Chinese Zodiac signs

We identified our Zodiac!

More ~

And more~~

Hello Japan!

The lantern festival also features racial harmony in Singapore

Indian culture~

It's the horse year!

And locate this lover's bridge at the entrance of Gardens by the Bay if you're walking from Bayfront MRT!

Thanks Juliana for having us! It was a nice catch up session!

Apart from Lantern exhibits, visitors will also expect cultural performances, activities and exhibitions. If you're hungry, fred not, the organizers are very thoughtful to include a Asian Food Street which visitors will find local delights not only from Singapore but also Taiwan!

Admission is free!
4th - 14th Sep 2014! 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Happy Birthday.

与哥哥相认后, 第一次与他庆祝生日。
本来还在怨天为什么给了我一个这么精彩的人生故事, 结果我乐观的这几年,也渐渐的感谢老天爷在二十八年后赐给我一个哥哥。

心里感触很多。以前总是埋怨为什么生父生母要把我卖掉, 但也许生活有很多原因,才开启今日的缘分。


Saturday, September 06, 2014

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Many thanks to Trick Eye Museum Singapore for having us!
Located in RWS ,Trick Eye Museum is the latest addition to RWS attractions, after USS and S.E.A aquarium. We've heard about Trick Eye for awhile, but didn't had the time to explore!

We've always wondered how were these pictures taken, you really got to visit Trick Eye Museum Singapore to find out the answer!

At every exhibits, there were sample photographs shown to illustrate and guide the visitors on capturing the best angle of the shoot. Of course, feel free to add on your creative thinking hat to "trick" your friends too!

"女人我最大! ~~~" says Shoel!

And don't be shy to ask other visitors to help you and your friends to snap a picture! Because everyone's doing so! Help and laugh at each others' creative poses!


For those who are more shy to ask others to take a picture for you, you can also loan a selfie stick for free at the entrance. YES! FREE!

Hang in there!

Good flexibility yea?

Some of the poses require strong abdominal muscles... notice the out of focus area around my arms? Was actually trembling~~

Okay, it will look even better if Shoel's hair is dropping down.

Do find out more creative shots from other visitors on instagram too by searching for the hashtag #TrickEyeSG !

We had much fun at Trick Eye Museum Singapore!
 Thanks for the invitations once again!

Find out more about the ticketing options here: Tickets and Promotions