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3D2N Nanjing Trip via Scoot - Attractions and Hotel Recommendations

Was in Nanjing 2 weeks ago. Second time there after my business trip last year. Brought along my mum and girlfriend over. Thanks to Scoot Airlines, got a very cheap deal last year during their 3,000 fans facebook promo. Nanjing two-way trip via scoot only cost me $70+ SGD per person. Guess a normal two-way flight will cost about $300 to $400 SGD. Scoot's airline was good, luckily we didn't experience any flight delay as heard from my friends. Unlike other budget airlines, Scoot has 9 seats per row instead of 6. Had much space for movement, was quite surprised since this was my first time flying on Scoot Airline.

Flew to Nanjing Lukou International Airport, and took a high speed train down to Shanghai. If you're taking a high speed train as well, opt for the 2nd class which cost about $28SGD. First class seats cost about $40SGD, I took both class before, and personally I find that not much difference. Probably first class seats give you more privacy as there's lesser people, and more spacious. Stayed there for 3 days, before we come back to Nanjing again to explore this culture rich capital of Jiangsu province. Weather ranges between 3 to 12 degrees Celsius. Will blogged about Shanghai later.

The scenic view from the revolving restaurant in XuanWu Hotel. Catch the sunrise in the early morning. Buffet starts from 6.30am to 10am .

We stayed at Lakeview XuanWu Hotel, conveniently located just infront of the XuanWu Gate which you can walk through to see the XuanWu River. Also located beside the metro station, which easily connects you to the other parts of the city within minutes. The revolving restaurant gives you a 360 degree view of the Xuan Wu river while you enjoy your breakfast buffet in the morning.

Part of the Qinhuai River (秦淮河) , which can be seen in Confucius Temple. 

After visiting Xin Jie Kou (新街口) in Nanjing, we took a cab and reached Nanjing Fuzimiao 
(南京夫子廟), or some called it as Confucius Temple.  One of the many tourist attractions, Fuzimiao refers to not only the temple, but also the entire street. It's pretty a big place, and you probably need to take sometime to slowly explore. 

Shoel and me infront of the Qinhuai River (秦淮河)

This Chinese Lantern hanging high infront of the Qinhuai River adds on the oriental mood and liven up the place. It's big, compare the size to Shoel!

Outside the Confucius temple with my Mum

As the temple entrance fee was not complimentary, we've decided not to visit instead. Had visited enough temples during our trip, and probably it's not worth it to pay for another one.  Anyway, a temple should be a place for worship and not for the sake of making margins!  You won't lose out much if you give the temple a miss, because there's many other things to look out for in the area!

The street view of Confucius temple

This experienced master engraved my Chinese Characters name onto the marble stones.

You can also easily find these name engraving shops in Nanjing Fuzimiao. Cost 15 to 20 Rmb ($3 to $4 SGD) per piece with engraving services included. We've made a few as souvenirs! Use it as name chops or lucky charms!

Shoel and me in Chinese Traditional costumes. The Emperor and Concubine. Do we look like? 

There's also a photography booth , with Chinese traditional costumes provided. Each piece cost about $30 Rmb  ($6 SGD) A few types of costumes to choose from!

Mum and myself outside Zhuang Yuan Ji Di, (状元及第)

As we had already decided to stay till evening time to catch the night scene of Fu Zi Miao and QinHuai River, thus we settled our dinner in that area as well. Found this place , Zhuang Yuan Ji Di, (状元及第), which serve traditional Nanjing food, like duck soaked in brine (盐水鸭), Pan-fried beef dumpling (牛肉锅贴), Tangbao or Steam dumplings(汤包) and many more. An unique place which requires customers to pay for coupons first, and then use the coupons to purchase the food items. However, the extra leftover coupons can be returned and cash back later.

Another delicacy in Nanjing, fermented beancurd, or smelly toufu. (臭豆腐)
Definitely not my favourite, just posing. ;) 

After dinner, you can continue to take a walk , and visit some tealeaves and tea sets shops. So lucky, we were served complimentary tea, because Shoel bought a tea seat for her grandma.

My suggestion is to stay till evening time to catch the lights and night scene in Fu Zi Miao!
Here you see the lighting at Qin Huai River.

Shoel outside the Confucius Temple

My mum and myself infront of the Qin Huai River

Xuan Wu Gate (玄武門) 

The next day morning, we took a stroll after breakfast to the Xuan Wu Gate (玄武門) and 
Xuan Wu River (玄武湖). Entrance is free.

Plum Blossom in Xuan Wu River Park

We were lucky to catch the plum blossom in the park, I heard it's the season in Nanjing!
 I heard from the taxi drivers, the breath taking view will be actually located in Nanjing Plum Blossom Mountain, 梅花山. But a pity we didn't have time to visit that place!

The happy girlfriend!

More shots here, my Nokia Lumia 1520 takes really good pictures!

Shoel and myself

Nothing much, just a shameless selfie infront of the Xuan Wu Gate. Got feel? ;)

四海一家   free flow of beer!

My colleague suggested and bought us to this buffet restaurant,四海一家,  just beside our hotel. Located in a shopping mall, this buffet restaurant offers international cuisine, with free flow of beers and wines! Cost about $50 SGD per person, but it's definitely worth that price. Fresh seafood, a variety of choices, so many that we didn't know which one to choose from!

Free flow of Wine too. 

If you would like to visit this restaurant, here's the details: 
Website: 四海一家
Address: 201 Central Rd, Gulou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Phone:+86 25 8376 6008

And lastly... some selfie shot before we left for Singapore! Just some shots taken on the streets outside Xuan Wu Hotel.

Shoel likes this shot!

And here ends our Nanjing Trip! Will definitely return again!

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