Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bedok Reservoir Forest Adventure Review

Forest Adventure located in Bedok Reservoir, near Carpark A

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush adventure and attraction in Singapore, catch Forest Adventure located in Bedok Reservoir Park. Many thanks to Forest Adventure Singapore, together with a group of friends, we were invited to experience the first tree top adventure course in Singapore.

With my colleagues Eileen and Andrew

A brand new concept in Singapore and also Asia, Forest Adventure is designed by one of Europe's most successful designer of Tree Top courses, and was opened on 25th August 2007.

First step ! How to put on your gears and helmet!

First timers? Fred not. The friendly and experienced instructors over at Forest Adventure are always lending a helping hand.

Helmet too tight? No, it was just right. ;)

For those who wants to use your own helmet, I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed. Participants are required to use only Forest Adventure helmets and gears. Don't worry, I've tried it, it's clean and hygienic. If you can't be convinced, you can put on your bandana before putting on the helmet. 
However, own gloves are permitted as it is not provided by the organizers.

Kelvin putting on his helmet and all ready. 

It's not only for friends, but families too. Here's Eileen helping her cousin, Trina to fix her helmet.

Getting ready for the briefing before the course starts. 

There will be a 15 minutes briefing before the adventure begins. The experienced instructors over at Forest Adventure explained  the important safety precautions, the site map, and the necessary instructions. We were taught on the usage of the safety harness, which plays a very important part in the course. Bearing in mind that the course will be unaccompanied by the instructors, all of us are responsible for our own safety while climbing up the trees.

That expression...

Before I promised to take up this blogging assignment, was still contemplating whether I should go for it. Had height phobia since young, but with the encouragement from the organizers and colleagues, decided to give it a try. From the picture above, I was still not quite convinced about how much fun and satisfaction I could achieve from this course, even the instructor tried her best to introduce the course further... looks like Andrew(on my left) wasn't quite convinced too!

Drawing out our carabiners together before going for the trial run. We didn't pose for the picture though! Pure coincidence!

A trial run on the ground before going up the trees! Remember to secure yourself to the safety red line on every tree!

The course has a total of 34 different stages 5meter above ground, and 4 zip lines across the water! Yes, not one... but FOUR! (also known as flying fox) According to Forest Adventure, this is the first in the world!  Expected time of completion was about 2.5 hours. Warning! It's going to burn away much of your calories, so take some light refreshments before the course to ensure you have enough energy for the forest trail. Drink lots of water if it's during a hot and sunny day!

Testing the gears on the ground before moving up to the trees.

Andrew walking on the iron rope about 40 to 50 cm from ground. This basic training allows us to warm up before going up to the trees.

Trying to overcome my height phobia even though it's such as low height. Didn't know how tense I was until I saw this picture. My hands were grabbing tightly to the rope. Wrong demonstration, please don't follow what I was doing, you might get serious and nasty rope burns!

Flying fox trial. The basic course prepares the participants necessary skills and techniques required for the obstacles. You will probably get confused if what the instructor was explaining initially ,thus, please pay extra attention! However, if you're still feeling lost after the briefing, this basic course allows you to hands on and put the instructions into practice.

Done with the training. The cousins are ready for site 1 obstacles!

Site 1 obstacles are generally easier, after all, it's the start of the adventure! Give some chance! Wheeee~

Swing your way to the rope net ! Shout it out loud if you need to!

Done with obstacles from site 1! Ready to zip our way across the reservoir!

Find it quite hard to convince myself to zip down initially, but it didn't get me too long before I 'fly' across the reservoir. Feel the windy breeze on your face and feel like a king! Okay, to be frank, I didn't feel like a king for my first zip. I was grabbing the harness very tightly. But trust me... I didn't know flying fox was always the most enjoyable part until later..

Eileen zipping across the reservoir. Looks like Alien invasion?

According to Forest Adventure, the longest zip line is 176m and the shortest 127m. This is just for your info, guess you won't really be bothered with the distance while flying, because you will be enjoying so much that you still find the distance too short!

The first four who had completed site one. No Kick! Okay lah, to be frank... got some kick lah. Legs wobbling already.

Ready for site 2?

Yes we are!

We had a common consensus that site 2 was the most challenging one. There's few 'extreme' section, made of extremely physically challenging obstacles. Look out for color labels before the start of the obstacles, and many of the stations here are label black color. Which meant extreme difficulty! However, fred not if you think  you are not ready for such obstacles. This site is made up of 2 routes. Even before you embark on this extreme path, there's another 'escape' route which directs you straight to the next flying fox.

One of the extreme stations. Trying to balance myself on the wooden log. 
Ay Seh, don't play play.. Got feel right.

I find the trick in doing this station is to quickly step on the next wooden log after each successful attempt. Make use of the swing momentum to reach out to the next log, or else it will be quite difficult as the distance from one log to another can be quite far apart.

Eileen flaunting her sexy pose.;) 
We had our safety carabiner on top, so it's very safe up there, though it was an extreme site.

Andrew still enjoying himself ...

Or maybe not... another extreme station.

Basically after you have completed the extreme challenges in Site 2, nothing seem impossible now. By then, height phobia was already not in my mind after those obstacles! Though some of the stations in Site 3 may seem quite challenging as well, but it's definitely not as physically challenging as compared to the previous one.

A glimpse of the obstacles in Site 3.

Height Phobia? What's that? Taking a relaxing walk...

Forest Adventure is probably the place for those who always yearn to do circus stunts.  
When walking on land is too mainstream...

Careful Eileen!

Site 4 is another area which you shouldn't miss! This site will be the highlight of the entire course. One of the obstacles include a 12m Tarzan swing, whereby participants will jump from a 8m high platform and swing into a rope net of 2m below! Participants will also experience a 2 seconds free fall... almost everyone shouted (screamed) their hearts out while swinging down from the 8m high platform! You wouldn't understand how's the feeling like until you experience it yourself! Of course, I scream too. Let it all out... ALL OUT!

Go Andrew!  According to Eileen, she heard Andrew's scream when she was at site 3. The distance from site 3 to site 4 is one zip line apart!

Another thing to look out for if you're finishing the obstacles course in the late evening. 
(last group at 4.30pm)
Catch the sunset across the reservoir while zipping down! Nice view!

A recapped and site map of the Forest Adventure, located in Bedok Reservoir Park. Starting from initiation to Site 1, and end with site 4... zipping down to base camp again.

The satisfied group after the completion of the forest adventure course! Certificates will be given at the end of the course to certify completion.

Many thanks to Forest Adventure for the invitation once again. Though we admit that we were quite exhausted at the end of the day, but the experience was definitely a rewarding one. No words can describe that sense of satisfaction and achievement after completing the course, unaccompanied by the instructors. Most importantly, I guess I had overcome height phobia, not permanently, but Forest Adventure had definitely provided me a good training ground to overcome that fear. 
Highly recommended, and will return back again!

Things to note: 

Opening Hours:
Grand Course
The Grand Course is open every day from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
The last departure  is at 4.30 pm to end before dark

Forest Adventure is closed on Monday except public holidays – booking is essential
Locate Forest Adventure: 

Nearest MRT : Bedok
 Bus: 5,18,21,22,28,59,65,67,69,168. Alight bus stop no 75349 “the Clearwater condo” if you are coming from Tampines Avenue 1 or  bus stop no 75341 “opposite Clearwater condo” if you are coming from Bedok North Road.

If you are driving take the PIE Changi, Exit 6 Bedok North Avenue 3. Turn left on Bedok North Av 3 and turn right at the traffic light on Bedok Reservoir Road. Drive 70m and turn left into the carpark. You will see signs to Forest Adventure.

Suggest to use carpark A situated on Bedok Reservoir Road, opposite Aquarius Condominium.
Alternative parking can also be found at:
  • the multistorey carpark on Bedok Link
  • carpark B on Bedok North Road
This will add 5 to 10 minutes to your journey

For more details,
Please check out official webpage : Forest Adventure 

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