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i Light Marina Bay 2014

Marina Bay Singapore AmBAYssadors 
Credits: Iskandar 

iLight Marina Bay 2014 is back! Held bi-annually, with the theme Light+heART, iLight Marina Bay 2014 features 28 innovation and environmental-friendly installations from all around the world. This year, one special point to note is that some of the artists had made use of  recycled materials and energy efficient lighting in the creation of their light installations. Many thanks to Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, was invited together with the rest of the Marina Bay Singapore AmBAYssadors to walk down the brightly lit waterfront to view the artworks. 

Map of installations

Attached the map of the installations here. Take note of the number stated on the map. Some of the installations highlighted below in my blog entry will be labelled with the number, for easy identification.

A9 : JouJou-Ours by Uno Lai, Taiwan
Shoel posing with the bear, reminiscing her childhood days? 
Right outside Marina Bay City Gallery, you will find these brightly lit bears. The artist believes that interactive arts are not just about technology, but it should reflect simple arts to express love. Inspired by childhood memories of hugging soft toys to sleep, Joujou-Ours is an installation that encourages all to come closer to embrace these light installations.

My Nokia Lumia 1520 accidentally took this shot while I was walking down the waterfront. Artistic yea? 

A8: #Weheartlight by Light Collective, United Kingdom

Light Collective had worked closely with students from different schools in Singapore, through a series of workshops. The process of constructing this installation helps to emphasize the role of education in guiding our future generation towards a more sustainable future. 

One of the boxes here which feature a very heartwarming message, symbolizing ever lasting love.

The installation is made up of 200 simple light box, personalized with images and text, with red as the predominant colour for half of these boxes. When assembled together, the light boxes make up the installation, #WeHeartLight.

A5: Bedazzled, Meinhardt Light Studio Pte Ltd, Singapore

One of the many creative artworks. As the name of the installation suggest, the artist wants the viewers to immerse themselves in the 'starry night' and bedazzled by the artwork. As the city grows, the impact of light pollution also increases. As a result, many of us from the urbanized city will not be able to view the stars from the dark skies.

Shoel and myself locating the 'stars' !

A4: Happy Croco, Bibi, France

Beware! Crocodile spotted!
"Do not enter croco will bite!"

Displayed in the middle of the waterfront, is a huge croco light installations whose backbone is made up of recycled traffic cones. This luminous 20m long sculpture uses two types of LEDs and low energy light bulbs. The creative work of the artists brings a new lease and delightful life to our everyday discarded items. Did the brilliant use of the recycled materials into a urban crocodile brings a smile on your face, just like the title suggest? Happy Croco!

A2: The Wishing! Tree, The Living! Project, Singapore

Over at this installation, it's probably the only installation which requires the public plays a part to make it a success.  As the name suggest, The Wishing! Tree allows the public to pen down any of their wishes, on a strip of paper, attached to luminous blue lights. One simply just need to throw it up and it's done! The more wishes are made, the more 'healthy' the tree grows!

I took this opportunity to pen down my wish too!

Nothing fancy, not cliche, but deep from the bottom of my heart, I hope the passengers and crew of MH370 can be found soon. Too many news report everyday, but none of the sources can be 100% true. I guess, at this very moment, none of us will be able to apprehend the feelings of the families and friends related to those on board...

 God Bless...

B14: Celebration of Life, Justin Lee with Dorier Asia Pte Ltd

Celebration of Life exhibits the adaptation of the Asian culture with the contemporary society using 3D light projection onto the walls of Art Science Museum. I personally find that the unique use of Pop-Art with oriental music and icons symbolizes our inter-connectivity on this globe, with the power of internet, East and West no longer seem so far apart. In fact, the extreme poles are drawing closer, so much so that the cultures blends so well with one another. Viewers can expect an approximate 5minute show and suggest to catch the best view on the helix bridge.

Show Timings:  8.15pm – 8.30pm – 8.45pm – 9.00pm – 9.15pm – 9.45pm – 10.00pm – 10.15pm – 10.30pm – 10.45pm

 B12: Flash, Nathan Yong with Otto Solutions Pte Ltd

Catch this flash ring located at the end of the helix bridge. It gives a good camera angle which captures the distinct Marina Bay icons such as MBS and Helix Bridge. Couples can also take a photo together in this ring, with the ring lights at the edge of the circle, it brightens up the people in the center, and thus give an excellent portrait shot! Seen here , Irene Soh, family blogger posing with her boy!

B9: Cloud, Caitlind R.C. Brown & Wayne Garrett, Canada  

One of the many highlights in i Light Marina Bay 2014. I heard some bloggers were asking where's the 'cloud' ? That was also our last station of the night. The artwork actually illuminates distinctively from far, and one will not miss it. This light installation has attracted many to come forward to pull the strings hanging loosely below the 'cloud', which actually leads to the switch of the lightbulbs that make up the art piece. 

 Joining in the fun. Everyone's curious what lies beneath! 

i Light Marina Bay 2014 last till 30th March 2014!
7.30pm to 11.00pm.
Marina Bay WaterFront
Free Admission 

Do remember to hashtag your photos #ilightmarinabay on instagram too!

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