Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Smart @ Work at Star Awards 20 (上班不留白1&2 之 红星大奖 20)

Was at Star Awards 20 on Sunday, to support Smart at Work Season 1 team, and our talented host Youyi. Both the team and Youyi was nominated for  Best Info-Ed Programme and Best Info-Ed Programme Host respectively. Though we missed the award, but we've already crowned Youyi as the winner in our hearts.
What matters most is the process, not the award. We've made good acquaintance and the few weeks of  filming and staying up late in Studio 6, was definitely a good memory for many of us.

Before entering the show. The event was held at Suntec Convention Hall 601 - 603. Many thanks to our Smart at Work team, YingJie and Veron for the tickets!

Some snaps before the actual show kicked off at 7pm sharp.

We sneaked out for a group photo with the Smart at Work team during advertisement breaks!
Veron(left) and YingJie(right) standing in the middle.

We name ourselves the forever young team. *Er Hem*

With NTU 学姐 XiaoTing...although I look more like her Senior here... hmmm....

Another Senior from NTU... Ryan.

Looking forward to Smart at Work Season 3!
Congratulations to all Star Awards 20 Winners!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gardens by the Bay - Tulipmania 2014

Tulipmania returns this year after the successful floral display at Gardens by the Bay in 2013.
This year, held from 14th April to 4th May, Tulipmania promises to be bigger and better!

Do you know that Tulips is the National Flower for Amsterdam?

Apart from the tulips, do watch out some backdrops such as the windmill above. Visitors at the Gardens by the Bay flower dome, not only will immerse themselves in the strong tulips flower scent, but they will also feel as though they were visiting some parts of Europe. No money to travel to Europe? Then come to Gardens by the Bay! ;)

Do you know that Tulips are the symbol of passionate love?

The purple tulips ... also known as the Purple Prince.

More tulips... do you also know that Tulips were brought from Turkey to Europe at the end of the sixteenth century?

Interesting fact : Apart from Roses and Chrysanthemums, Tulips are the 3rd most popular flower in the world!

Vibrant colors seen from the flower bed at the Flower Dome. Looks like some camera advertisement you normally seen on TV. Btw, taken by Nokia Lumia 1520.

Yellow, Red, Pink and ORANGE tulips.

You will also see friendly Gardens by the Bay Ambassadors in the flower dome. We 'kope' the signboard from them, and asked them to take some pictures for us too. Thanks, if anyone of you are able to see this !

The crowd on Good Friday. Looks like Tulipmania had attracted many here!

Meanwhile, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines had also partnered with Gardens By the Bay, to launch a contest to win a pair of Air Tickets on KLM to Amsterdam!

To participate :
  • Share your Tulipmania photo on Instagram with the caption ‘Fly me to Amsterdam with @KLM because ________ (free format) #ilovetulipmania
  • Tag 3 friends to validate your entry.
  • All entries to be submitted between 14 April and 4 May 2014.
  • Each participant is allowed to submit up to 2 entries.

Met my colleague,  Gloria at the gardens too. A loyal supporter of Gardens by the Bay!
Meanwhile, bring your parents and grandparents to Tulipmania too. If they are 60 and above, they get to enjoy 50% discount off Senior Citizen Local Resident
ticket to the Flower Dome only (UP. $8/Senior Citizen).

Met another old army friend, Sweefeng. I always joke that he looks like the lead singer from the old boy band, 'Tension', who's also Hong Jin Bao's Son. Do you also think so?


Visit Tulipmania at Gardens By the Bay now!
From now till 4th May 2014.
9am - 9pm, only at Flower Dome. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

NTUC U Family Event - Romancing U

Shout out to all couples! Take off on a journey of love this Saturday, 19th April 2014, and reminisce the feeling of falling in love with each other! Organized by NTUC U Family, Romancing U is an event which brings couples together,  to enjoy a romantic evening with activities around the scenic Marina Bay Waterfront. 

Couples are able to catch  'Midnight in Paris" starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams..

Live performance of songs and ballads by Mugshots...

Couples are also able to create and bring home their very own couple treats jar, love candle, and potpourri...

More activities and prizes!
  • Cruise along the Singapore River in a Love Boat
  • Dance away to the tunes of beautiful love songs led by professional instructors
  • Have your couple shots taken at the unique Photo Studio booths
  • Be crowned the Most Charming Couple and The Best Dance Chemistry Couple to win attractive prizes worth $3,500
  • Free flow of Nescafe coffee and movie snack
  • Enjoy gourmet food on wheels by Kerbside and sweet desserts by 32 Degrees Fahrenheit.

    Pictures credit: NTUC U Family Singapore 

Romancing U

Ticket Fees
NTUC Member - $15 per couple
Public - $30 per couple
19 Apr 2014, Saturday

6:00 PM
10:00 PM
Venue:  The Promontory @ Marina Bay 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Join Influr.com - Influence others and get rewarded!

Many thanks to Influr.com, was invited to their launch, together with some Singaporean bloggers at Marriott Hotel Singapore.

Influr announces the launch of influr.com, which is a marketing tool to allow social media users to be incentivized while reaching out to their audiences. Just by simply connecting their facebook, instagram or twitter accounts during their initial sign up on influr.com, users are then promptly categorized into 4 different levels of influence, from Elementary to Elite, base on their reach out of their posts on these various social media platforms.

Influr.com identified the users their level of influence, and also suggest how far is one away from the next tier.

Depending on your level of influential status, you are then rewarded with treats from various brands, such as Singapore Marriott Hotel,  Infinity Drinks, Prive Aesthetics, De Burg, Foxysales.com, Lufthansa German Airlines, Shopfront2.0, Laneige, just to name a few. As the home page of influr.com suggest, 'Put your influence to Work for You' , you are rewarded by the impact of your social media posts on your audiences.

You don't have to own a blog or to be a blogger in order to 'qualify' for the rewards program, the bare minimum you will need is your facebook account, which many of us has one. Log in with Facebook account, measure your level of influence, and you are ready for the treats!

 Catch up with some old and new blogger friends during the event.
From left to right (William, Shanice, Thiang, Hong Peng, and myself)

 influr aims to shift the rewards and recognition on social media from celebrities back to the individual content creators with trusted friends and followers, and uncover a whole new group of micro influencers. Social influence is built on trust, credibility, visibility and impact, and influr believes that being active on social media is not the same as impacting your peers by creating content that adds value.

Our blogger's version of Oscar selfie

Brands can also register on influr.com to search for their potential influencer and engage them for assignments. This also means that not only one is able to find rewards and treats, but there might be some events and assignments available put up by various brands!

What are you waiting for? Log in to influr.com now!
Put your influence to work for you!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

NDP 2014 Training

On 6th April 2014, we kicked off our first NDP 2014 training, first time with People's Association.
Looking forward! ;)