Saturday, April 12, 2014

Join - Influence others and get rewarded!

Many thanks to, was invited to their launch, together with some Singaporean bloggers at Marriott Hotel Singapore.

Influr announces the launch of, which is a marketing tool to allow social media users to be incentivized while reaching out to their audiences. Just by simply connecting their facebook, instagram or twitter accounts during their initial sign up on, users are then promptly categorized into 4 different levels of influence, from Elementary to Elite, base on their reach out of their posts on these various social media platforms. identified the users their level of influence, and also suggest how far is one away from the next tier.

Depending on your level of influential status, you are then rewarded with treats from various brands, such as Singapore Marriott Hotel,  Infinity Drinks, Prive Aesthetics, De Burg,, Lufthansa German Airlines, Shopfront2.0, Laneige, just to name a few. As the home page of suggest, 'Put your influence to Work for You' , you are rewarded by the impact of your social media posts on your audiences.

You don't have to own a blog or to be a blogger in order to 'qualify' for the rewards program, the bare minimum you will need is your facebook account, which many of us has one. Log in with Facebook account, measure your level of influence, and you are ready for the treats!

 Catch up with some old and new blogger friends during the event.
From left to right (William, Shanice, Thiang, Hong Peng, and myself)

 influr aims to shift the rewards and recognition on social media from celebrities back to the individual content creators with trusted friends and followers, and uncover a whole new group of micro influencers. Social influence is built on trust, credibility, visibility and impact, and influr believes that being active on social media is not the same as impacting your peers by creating content that adds value.

Our blogger's version of Oscar selfie

Brands can also register on to search for their potential influencer and engage them for assignments. This also means that not only one is able to find rewards and treats, but there might be some events and assignments available put up by various brands!

What are you waiting for? Log in to now!
Put your influence to work for you!

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