Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Smart @ Work at Star Awards 20 (上班不留白1&2 之 红星大奖 20)

Was at Star Awards 20 on Sunday, to support Smart at Work Season 1 team, and our talented host Youyi. Both the team and Youyi was nominated for  Best Info-Ed Programme and Best Info-Ed Programme Host respectively. Though we missed the award, but we've already crowned Youyi as the winner in our hearts.
What matters most is the process, not the award. We've made good acquaintance and the few weeks of  filming and staying up late in Studio 6, was definitely a good memory for many of us.

Before entering the show. The event was held at Suntec Convention Hall 601 - 603. Many thanks to our Smart at Work team, YingJie and Veron for the tickets!

Some snaps before the actual show kicked off at 7pm sharp.

We sneaked out for a group photo with the Smart at Work team during advertisement breaks!
Veron(left) and YingJie(right) standing in the middle.

We name ourselves the forever young team. *Er Hem*

With NTU 学姐 XiaoTing...although I look more like her Senior here... hmmm....

Another Senior from NTU... Ryan.

Looking forward to Smart at Work Season 3!
Congratulations to all Star Awards 20 Winners!

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