Saturday, September 06, 2014

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Many thanks to Trick Eye Museum Singapore for having us!
Located in RWS ,Trick Eye Museum is the latest addition to RWS attractions, after USS and S.E.A aquarium. We've heard about Trick Eye for awhile, but didn't had the time to explore!

We've always wondered how were these pictures taken, you really got to visit Trick Eye Museum Singapore to find out the answer!

At every exhibits, there were sample photographs shown to illustrate and guide the visitors on capturing the best angle of the shoot. Of course, feel free to add on your creative thinking hat to "trick" your friends too!

"女人我最大! ~~~" says Shoel!

And don't be shy to ask other visitors to help you and your friends to snap a picture! Because everyone's doing so! Help and laugh at each others' creative poses!


For those who are more shy to ask others to take a picture for you, you can also loan a selfie stick for free at the entrance. YES! FREE!

Hang in there!

Good flexibility yea?

Some of the poses require strong abdominal muscles... notice the out of focus area around my arms? Was actually trembling~~

Okay, it will look even better if Shoel's hair is dropping down.

Do find out more creative shots from other visitors on instagram too by searching for the hashtag #TrickEyeSG !

We had much fun at Trick Eye Museum Singapore!
 Thanks for the invitations once again!

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