Friday, November 28, 2014

A Visit to Jannpaul : Knowing more about diamonds

Visited JannPaul few weeks ago, have been hearing about this brand from some of my friends, and all I know about Jannpaul is that the company is able to customize wedding rings and wedding bands. 

Stepping into JannPaul, and realized the company is far more than that. Situated at Far East Shopping center, JannPaul has a wide range of jewellery products, ranging from diamonds to rings, and many more. 

Infact, JannPaul was established in 2009 and started out by three friends. 

And understand from Mr. Casey Lai,  JannPaul aims to educate the general public on diamonds,usually the market industry is selling diamond at a higher price. 

In addition to it, JannPaul is best known for their unique concept of providing Diamond education and consultation sessions to their clients in their selection of Super Ideal Cut Diamonds, lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours each session. 

This sessions aim to provide correct knowledge to their clients, so as to choose the right and affordable diamonds! 

Actual Diamond Image
Credits: JannPaul

And we always hear about we should get diamonds of how many times of our salary~~
Not really! According to Mr. Casey, the priority should be focused on the following: 

1. Cut/Carat
2. Color
3. Clarity

Color and clarity is interchangeable.  But definitely priority Cut. 
Cut benifits not only it's overall brilliance but also color and clarity as well. It helps a diamond appear whiter face up, mask up inclusions and avoid deep cut diamonds that makes it look much smaller than it's actual carat size. Not forgetting that the lighting which you see the Diamond is also very important too! 

Diamond analysis using ASET.
Credits: JannPaul

Well, after attending the Diamond session provided by JannPaul, probably I'm more aware of the importance in the different factors. In addition to that, Mr. Casey Lai was confident that the diamond from JannPaul is generally at a lower price compare to others in the similar industry. 

Diamond under Ideal Scope Analysis
Credits: JannPaul

More FAQs about Diamonds here from Jannpaul website: Diamonds FAQ

If you would like to know about Diamonds through JannPaul, please note that it is strictly by appointment basis. Do check out JannPaul's facebook page and blog here for more details! 

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