Thursday, April 13, 2017

Singapore Wedding Chinese & English Emcee Script

Did a few times Wedding Emcee for my friends, decided to share the general template for many couples out there who are in the midst of planning their wedding. Meanwhile both Shoel and myself are also doing wedding emcees service at the following rates:

Mandarin only : $300 SGD nett
Mandarin & English (2 emcees): $500 SGD nett

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Check this video of us emceeing at our friend's wedding:

Here you go: 

(Wedding Dinner, just replace the text to "Lunch" for wedding lunch)


Doors open for Guests.

Start to clear reception.
Good afternoon, Ladies & Gentlemen.  As we will be starting the banquet shortly, may we request that all guests be seated please?  Thank you.
Clear Reception. Introduction.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm XXX, and together with (CHINESE EMCEE), we'll be your emcees for this evening.

On behalf of MrMrs (Groom's father) and Mr & Mrs (Bride's father), we would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to grace this joyous union of their children, (Groom) and (Bride)

各位嘉宾,各位亲友,大家晚上好,我是 XXX 站在我身旁这为位是我的搭挡司仪 (ENGLISH EMCEE)




Play childhood montage

Couples stand by for march in

Emcees cue for march in

AV cut first march in song:  
Thinking out Loud
Not all of us have had the privilege of knowing the couple from childhood. So before we welcome the couple, let’s take a look their journey.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen,  the moment we have all been waiting for,  let us all rise, presenting to you the lovely couple,



各位嘉宾,这是我们所期待已久的时刻 ,让我们以最热的掌声欢迎新郎,新娘入席!

Bride and Groom March in to stage


Cake Cutting

Now let us invite the (GROOM) (BRIDE) on stage for the cake cutting ceremony please.
现在我们邀请 (GROOM) (BRIDE)上台来举行切蛋糕仪式

Start Food
Thank you (GROOM) (BRIDE). There's plenty of good food in store for everyone.  According to the couple, they have many colleagues, friends and relatives who can really drink!  Did we mention tonight’s dinner beers and wine are free flow?  Please sit back and relax and enjoy this lovely banquet. Dinner shall be served shortly. Enjoy!

是的,没错,我们听说(GROOM) (BRIDE)的亲朋好友都拥有好酒量!他们也特别安排今晚的晚宴無限量供應啤酒及红酒! 晚宴即将开始,请大家慢慢享用!
Bride and Groom finish

Dear all, today is indeed a very special occasion for (GROOM) (BRIDE). Once again on behalf of the couple and their family, we would like to thank all of you for your precious time in gracing this Dinner Banquet.

Now, all those who were not present in the morning ceremony might want to share the couple’s joy and happiness, don’t we? And that’s what we are going to do now. We would now be showing you some of the happy scenes that were captured.
各位来宾,今天对(GROOM) (BRIDE)来说可是深具意义因为在今天,他们俩的爱情终于开花结果,有情人终成眷属。在此,我谨代表双方家属与这对新人再次向各位至以万二分的谢意。酒微菜薄﹐如有招待不周,敬请见谅



Playing of gate crash video


Bride and groom prepare 2nd march in to stage for champagne pouring

Wedding singers Khairi & partner stand by

Brothers and sisters to prepare family members to go up stage to toast

Ladies and Gentleman, let us now all stand to welcome the lovely bride and groom once again.

(Couple march to stage)

As we know that champagne is the symbol of celebrations and happiness, we would like to wish the couple, an everlasting flow of love and joy in their marriage life.

(Couple on stage and starting to open champagne)

(Couple just finish pouring on champagne glass fountain)

Let’s invite this lovely couple to offer a toast to each other.
May they enjoy everlasting marital bliss!

(After couple finish 交杯酒)

Now let us invite the couple’s parents, immediate family members to the stage for the toasting ceremony ( only immediate family)

(When all on stage)
Shall we all rise and hold up your drinks to give 3 toasts to our host for the evening!

The first toast wishes the couple respect for each other in their lives ahead together.

The second toast wishes the couple eternal love for each other.

The third and last toast is wishes the couple to start a family soon and bountiful children in their lives ahead.

Thank you. Please be seated. We will now invite 
(GROOM) (BRIDE)to say a few words.
( thank you speech by bride and groom)
各位来宾请再次起立,让我们以最热烈的掌声来祝福(GROOM) (BRIDE)

我们都知道香槟是一种喜庆的象征,而这香槟塔也代表让我们以最热烈的掌声来祝福(GROOM) (BRIDE)结婚后的生活甜蜜节节高。但愿他们的生活美满幸福,有如这瓶香槟酒长长久久!





第二聲飲勝 ﹐祝他們永結同心﹐百年好合﹗



Bride and groom go around for table photo taking

Wedding Singers standby

Thank you for the sweet and touching speech by (GROOM) (BRIDE). The happy couple will soon be going round to take table photos. Please enjoy the rest of the dinner.

Continue to play photo montage
谢谢(GROOM) (BRIDE)感人又触动人心的致词。希望大家可以尽情享受今天的美食。在你们享受美食的当而,新郎新娘即将下台到大家各自的席位上跟您拍照留念。
Dear guests, we have now come to the end of the wedding banquet. Thank you all very much for your presence this afternoon. We hoped you have all enjoyed the banquet and may you have a pleasant day ahead. Thank you!


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Those picture is really amazing, it look like all was well there and party has done perfectly. So you are the best emcee singapore

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